My EVE Portal 2019 Feedback


Let me start this off by saying Great App!!
Yesterday, I decided to try and use the app while riding the bus on my way home to write a mail to my corporation to give them a bit of news about future plans and operations.
I began writing the email with the app, and found that it could indeed send the mail to my entire corporation, which is awesome.

However, the typing of the email was something that I found to be difficult. Here were my issues:

  1. No autocorrect - I’m typing on an antiquated iPhone 5S and the screen is a bit small. Autocorrect is a must-have feature for any typing on such compact touchscreen keyboards.
  2. The return button closes the keyboard - I found this feature to be annoying because I like to format my paragraphs with an extra return between them to break up the words and make my emails easier to read. Instead, the return should keep the keyboard open, and apply the return. There should be a separate button or method for closing the keyboard such as swiping down from above, or something user friendly such as that.

Now, as I was typing, I decided that the lack of autocorrect and the keyboard closing would make it too annoying to write my email from my phone. So I decided to cancel the email and write it when I got home. The only cancel function that I saw was the “back” arrow in the upper left corner of the email screen. I tapped it and it asked me if I wanted to quit. Suddenly, out of nowhere, another message popped up and said “Email sent!” meaning that I had just sent the email to my corporation.

Sure enough, a notification popped up on my OLD EVE portal app to tell me that I had just gotten an email from myself.

So 3) The arrow to go back to the previous screen from the email writing screen sends messages, which can be quite embarrassing. It shouldn’t do that.

Thanks for reading! I’ll post any other bugs/suggestions that I find here if I find them.

Just thought of another note real quick:

Double tapping the space bar on an iPhone automatically adds a period to the end of the sentence. That doesn’t happen in this app. It would help typing fluidity quite a bit to add that feature in as well.

It takes away my Android system navigation buttons and there’s no way to exit the app.

Thanks for your feedback, guys! We’re collecting everything that comes in. If you think of anything else please let us know. :+1:

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iPhone X issues are similar with additions:

  • no autocorrect.
  • return closes keyboard
  • scrolling up and down doesn’t work with the keyboard up. I have to return to close the keyboard, scroll, the delete the return.
  • copy and paste doesn’t work

Thanks, it’s good. But.

  • Start up the app on the Character Overview.
  • Sort/drag characters on Overview.
  • Quick button to get back to Overview.
  • Don’t hide the Android bottom navigation button pls, ie, don’t force fullscreen.
  • It’s way to easy to logout a character by sliding by mistake.
  • The “+ Add Character” tab/button is in the way when navigating, and is only needed a few times. Move it to the “more” menu pls.

In time, please add more stuff to Character sheet… calendar, industry, contracts, wallet, corporation etc. Not just jump clones and current implants.

When using the full screen gesture ( you have to swipe up to go to return) it does not work.
In stead you have to swipe up to return to home screen.

Ulefone Armor 6e Android 9.0

some few Points:

  • Mute Button for Musik on first log in (or even better NO musik^^)
  • Eve Servertime is Displayed in US Time Format with this stupid AM/PM instead of 24h UTC ??? fix it asap pls
  • Android standard navigation screenbuttons are scrolled down out of screen, phone got no permission to do this. on large Screens its not fun to reach in the top left corner for back^^
  • new mail icon is way to distrubing in shiney white in the front of all messages
  • android back softbutton not working to leave the app… maybee i am a little bit oldscool
  • would be convinient to have allways the charpicture and name somwhere on the screen to know whre you are logged in
  • SP and Isk dont have thousends separators (realy^^)
  • pls instead of DOB just writhe “birth”
  • Jumpclone overview is missing Implant Information
  • Impantscreen is waisting space for a fancy attributsdisplay but dont show all implants on one screen without scrolling