[NA][.MEN.] Naliao Inc.[DRONV] is back! Black Legion PVP Corp is now recruiting!

Naliao Inc has opened its doors once again, alongside Black Legion!

We are looking for solid players, that have good attitudes and character. We don’t have hard requirements, but you should be able to fly at least one of the alliance doctrines. - ishtar, Muninn, Scimitar, Guardian, Nightmare. Capitals are a huge plus. Stellar individuals will always be considered regardless of sp!

We do corp fleets, alliances ops (null/low), black ops, and capital fleets! We also play lots of other games, and you are joining a community, not just a corp.

We are mostly eastern us TZ, with most fleets happening from 6-11 eastern


Bump. Still recruiting!

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Bump. We are still looking for more member’s to join. Come have fun.

Started my career in EvE with DRONV and I’m Happy to return.

Come and chat in discord if you are looking for people to PvP with, we can always use more friends to fly with.

Bump. We are getting new apps everyday. Come join the fun! Exciting things are to come!

Bump. Come and chill with us in Discord and get to know us before you join. WE play a lot of other games as well.

Still recruiting!


Bump! Still Recruiting!

Bump! Still recruiting!

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Bump! Still Recruiting! Getting very good fights every day!

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