Needs attention, My suggestion

I’ve been using the EVE portal app for a while now, 6 months, give or take. It’s great, very handy. I mostly only use it to check if I’ve sold anything I have put on the market, to check EVE mails, and check where my skills are at. But, it is my understanding that the app hasn’t seen a lot of love or attention in quite a while.

I would like to see a few more features added to the app. These are my suggestions.

I would like to have the full EVE universe lore portal added into the app. It’d be nice to have a smartphone friendly interface to be able to check the in game news when I get up in the morning, and do some light reading of the lore and setting of New Eden before bed, or any other time when I can. I find the lore very interesting and would love to explore it more, but at times I find it difficult to really find the time to sit down and navigate my way through it all. It’d be nice to have these things in my pocket while on the go.

I’d also like to have a full map of New Eden in the app as well, just as a visual tool to learn what’s where in relation to how I play the game, but also in relation to the lore and setting of New Eden.

And a full ship tree, also as a visual tool. Having
this available and accessible just to look at out of game would help me learn what ships do what when I’m not playing EVE without searching around on the Internet for a visual aid. This would help with being able to mentally identify other players ships and their purposes when I am online and flying around, but also help identify and consider what would be good targets or goals to progress towards.

Perhaps adding links to all the official EVE Online tutorial videos as well wouldn’t go amiss.

All these things I would personally benefit from when I’m not able to be playing the EVE. But I think that these things would give me the resources to help me show off EVE Online to my friend’s as well.

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All very nice suggestions.

Unfortunately they have not even added the new skills and that breaks one of the core functions of the app.

I think it’s time to admit that they have abandoned it. Time to let go.

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If they’ve really abandoned it id rather them just take it down. It’s sad. Like… it has so much potential, or something like it anyway. @CCP_Fozzie @CCP_Swift @CCP_Kestrel @CCP anyone!? What’s the deal with the portal app? I’m happy to use it as it is, but as it is it’s so weak, and broken, and could really be so much more! Please! :sob:

Hey! Sorry for the slow reply.

We’re aware of some issues affecting the usability of the EVE Portal app and are looking to correct those problems. Will post an update when we have a firmer timeline :+1:


Okay, awesome. I look forward to it and thanks for the reply <3

Excellent news, just pleased to know it hasn’t been abandoned.

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Yay … and it’s fixed. Thanks


Is it? I haven’t looked


They’ve put the new skills in … but haven’t removed the obsolete ones. Portal should ask you to update.

Various issues affecting the usability of the EVE Portal app, most notably missing skills, have been updated. If there are any issues, you may file a report on the app or post here and we can look at getting them solved.


Yay! Thank you

App says it has not been updated since Feb 2021. So someone is fibbing somewhere.

App asked to do an automatic update from within the app and is now on ver

All the new skills are there. The old ones are still there too, but cannot be purchased, so are just a mild inconvenience until they get round to removing them.

App is back to full functionality as far as i can tell

Check your version #

They would appear to have not changed the version # but it’s definitely working