Nerf Ganking Megathread

See now all he ever seems to say is

:rofl: I’m betting he wouldn’t appreciate Scipio’s analysis on all of Safety.

It was 12-24 months in that graph not 6-12, which makes it even less of a newbie thing.

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Macgybo did an analysis of his own kills at Perimiter/Jita…about 15% were ‘1 day old’ noobs, but then he only attacks ships over several hundred million in ISK, and what are the chances that a genuine 1 day old noob is carrying 1bn ISK skill injectors.

As with your own analysis…most of those ganked were in the 1-2 year old range, and were simply complacent. And amazingly he ganks oldbies carrying PLEX, when no-one needs to carry PLEX.

Please remain on topic as it would be a shame to have to close a highly discussed subject due to some overstepping the rules :grinning:

ISD Bahamut

Most of us have been begging for you to do so for weeks now


Quite frankly, there hasn’t been a discussion for a long while. Myself and others have been targeted by the forum meta-game and I really don’t care if I get banned from the forums for calling out behavior that actively tanks the community discussion.

Cause I’ll still log onto Eve anyway and play.


ROFL. So your solution is simply just nerfing things?

Figures :smiley:

If you played, you’d know how much people gank abyss runners, because it is high profit :smiley:

Probably because you were running them in Jita :smiley:

So drop your combat pilots :smiley:

Out of curiosity, where the line on personal attacks? Is there a limit to how many times you’re allowed to attack someone or is this just a free-for-all now? Because it kinda seems like anyone who has anything to saying that’s anti-ganking get repeatedly attacked and insulted until they leave the forum, and that in itself doesn’t seem like the way to stoke a decent discussion.

I am more than happy to oblige! :rofl:

Now, let’s do a poll - should this thread be closed?

  • Yes, it’s been done to death!
  • No, still many on-topic discussions to go!

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Thank you

Even if the poll some how goes against proposition 1 thank you for actually putting it up.

Won’t the same thread inevitably show up again though?

Oh, and you may as well close this one too:

As you can imagine in a thread this size, we are not able to moderate every post but we do review every flag, which will be responded to on an individual basis - though if we spot any trends of individuals targetting others with personal attacks then we will follow our internal process to escalate if necessary.

However, you will have to bare in mind that the review of the flags are subjective and being called a ‘carebear’ would not constitute as a personal attack, whereas if someone called you scum or a 'fkn idiot then that will be taken more seriously.

You can always add additional details in the flag to highlight repeat offenders and these will be reviewed and appropriate action taken if required.

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I mean, it kinda seems like the repeat offenders are well known and have literally driven people out of the forum through repeated, coordinated attacks - and even some attacks you’d consider benign can become tiresome when half a dozen people repeat them every time you comment. You pretty much can’t create a topic on anything without the same handful of users coming in and trashing it, but if you mention ganking in any negative light it’s like being greenlit by a gang.

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Perhaps a question worth asking is what is leading few day old noobs outside of the 35 or so starter, agent and SOE systems in which they are protected, and into 0.6 and 0.5 systems in which they are not. When I was a noob I had no idea such protection even existed, and I have a strong suspicion this is generally the case. And yet it is a vital piece of information for noobs.

Something else that does not help at all, and I witnessed it within a few minutes on taking a peek at the Rookie Help channel last night, is noobs themselves giving other noobs ‘advice’. A recipe for disaster. I get that a lot of people want to show off at an early stage that they ‘get’ the game, but people being given the wrong advice by clueless noobs helps no-one.

Still waiting on proof of these claims :smiley:

LOL, look at you fronting cause daddy CCP is here.

Why don’t you tell them how you think ganking is a PvE activity :smiley:

Again, subjective opinion my guy. Maybe if everyone disagrees with you, the problem is you :smiley:

That is a little overly dramatic. Maybe because the nature of the game we play is an open world PvP game where you consent to PvP as soon as you undock and the fact that people are trying to change that, which goes against the game’s nature hm?


OK. Ganking is a PvE activity.

None of the rest of your post was worth responding to. Please learn to post constructively.

Ah and now hes started swearing

Last resort of the desperate.

Sadly, I still see his ranting when you quote it.

:person_shrugging: Get over it?

Ok, I would have liked to have kept this poll open longer but my warning of keeping it on-topic has been disregarded but with 12 votes and 75% in favour of closing the thread, I believe it is the best course of action.

ISD Bahamut