New Eden from the Ashes Part 2

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So are you setting up a corp/alliance for this?

Sure Im in, sounds like a laugh.

What do I need? An Alpha with 5m sp?

What we need is interest first then we all log in as alphas I pay for my omegas and we start the holly War. I have three builders up to supper capitals. All ships will be handed out free. Alphas are limited last I heard to only 5 million skill points so we must use them wisely to achieve the holly doctrine which will be researched soon and posted in the third part of New Eden from the Ashes part 3. We need you, do you want to know more?

Just before anyone else makes a joke about it, Sire, the correct spelling I believe is “Holy” War.

Holly crop, WoT a missive prink this wood bee!


(Ramona made me do it, gank her not me.)

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You sweet the small stuff do you want to do the MOTD?

Sure. Whats the corp name so I can get my Alpha to apply?

Good luck with that. If you do manage to pump the price they’ll be more worthwhile for people to buy for cash, so supply will go up too. CCP will make a massive pile of cash.

Just note that if you use the TTT citadel in perimeter you’ll also be contributing directly to those null groups, since they make billions in taxes on a daily basis. You’d probably need to knock down that citadel, and that’s pretty much impossible.

There is no corp at first just a lot of alphas on comms to direct attacks. No fleets, no Corps until we reach the point that a Corporation is needed for war decs. Please read Goal 3. again. Thank you for your interest. Do you want to know more?

No you are ok thanks.

Im pretty sure I know how this is going to go down

Isk mean nothing in this game but tirtanium and plexs for alt accounts in the weak point in the game. Please be more creative and think out side the box but within the META of the game. Thanks do you want to know more?

Thinking outside of the box is all well and good, but you also need to think within reality. What’s the end goal here?

Aw come on lets PEE VEE PEE according to the META of the game for one last hurrah.

I would if you were following any recognisable meta.

But “get 10000 alphas and be on comms without a corp” is a bit of a pipedream there, me laddo

But good luck with it

If you are the second coming of Joe Phoenix, that would be great

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That is covered in Goals 7. That station will be a glorious cleansing, long over due.

Join us and cleanse the universe for the holy roids, a pair can be yours. Thank you want to know more?

Why do you need a corp in the beginning? Barbers Bar does not have one. Please think out side the box and consider joining this holy crusade to save EVE online the only way it can be saved. A corp / alliance will only be needed once war decs and structure bashing begins. Come join in the fun, No corps means no war decs, no fleets means that if and when we get a spy only the spy dies not the gank fleet. I know your smart, almost an evil mad scientist so think of the possibilities and the fun to be had. Thank you, want to know more?

Corps dont mean wardecs either unless you put up a structure.

But sorry no, I dont want to join a risk-adverse group thats scared of wardecs.

Flatterly will get you nowhere, as much as I like that.

Then you have given up on the game and are already gone. Sad so Sad. Turn from the path of despair and try and believe in a better game a better place and join in on the fun, join in, what do you have to lose. Thank you, do you want to know more?

Naw dog, my roids are cleansed just fine. Listen, kid, (waves cigar expansively), I’ve seen these “power to the people” revolutions come and go. No organization, no authority. Where’s your SRP? Where’s your benefits? Heck, I don’t even see any mention of dental in here!

These things always dissolve into chaos and confusion, and what are you left with? A hunnert depopulated villages, a TV movie, 3 new boy bands (only one of which is worth listening to), a couple’a banana republics, and a cable company.

An’ I’ve already got cable, thanks.