New idea - Implement a Galactic Market Above the Regional Market

Keep the existing market, add an additional market on top of it called the "galactic market or whatever you want to call it, " and charge some sort of extra fees to post items to this galactic market,
The idea would be that you can get people to purchase items from one place, hopefully encouraging more sales/purchases, as people would not need to log out to log in to a different region, and they would still have to go pick it up or have it shipped, or whatever.
It might make things easier for people who play the game to go out and wander around more, with more goods and services in the vast regions of emptiness…
how hard would it be to implement something like that, is there a need for something like that?
Thank you for your time,
PS make it so that you can purchase contracts from any region as well…

The very reason regions limited purchases exist both in case of the markets and the contracts is to bring more opportunities and variation and provide people with meaningful choices. You want to take that away and make EVE smaller just for personal convenience thus hurting the sandbox nature of the game. :-1:


The way I see it, if a player is not going out to space because they have to “go back to jita” it takes away from a more meaningful opportunity in the game, which is actual player interaction in the form of pvp/pve/ collaboration whatever.
As far as convenience, or quality of life, yes it would be more convenient in one aspect, as in allowing players who want to transact in business transactions and purchases to do so.
But all the logi, transport, is still required, so the “convenience” appears to be limited to buying and selling.
If a player can see all transactions in game by going to a third party website anyways, all it would do is keep players in game instead of sending them out to third party websites to see the entire market…not a real advantage if changed since it already exists with third party web application/sites. So then adding in a market that you can see but not “buy” from other regions such as the contracts would be a slight change with no real implications other than now you know the actual price like the websites show outside eve anyways…IE putting Data into player hands who are “IN GAME” and keeping them “IN GAME” which is what I thought CCP wanted to be doing more of anyways.
To make it easier for people to go out into the sandbox, and “play with others” by providing a more stable access to goods and services, at a more competitive price, could allow for more interactions, and less boring transport for people who don’t want to do that sort of gameplay, more sales means more taxes for CCPs isky faucets as well. It would still keep regions sales markets controlled and operated by players as a sandbox, but provide an equal playing field for ALL eve players who are interested in market activities, in game.
There is obviously a demand for this market information as it is posted on several third party websites.

The vastness of Eve remains the same. just because I can see something on the market in Delve, doesn’t mean im in Delve if I am parked in Jita. And if a player sees something for sale in a different region for a good price, it could encourage them to go there to get said item, and bring it back, but right now a player cant see it because “Regions”.

So a compromise would be something like show different regions of market data in the market window IE Galactic Market View.

If a player doesn’t see the “opportunity” they wont be able to act on it.

You are contradicting yourself to the point that your suggestion defeats your own vision of how it might benefit the game.

Also you can also use 3rd-party services like evemarketeer or evepraisal to search for better deals without a need to log in with different characters.


We already have this. Contracts are the galactic market.


It isn’t a new idea - people have been asking for a global market as long as the market has existed. It is, however, a bad idea. Inter-regional trade generates a lot of activity in the game. No one ever “has” to go to Jita - whatever you want is probably available at a regional hub for a higher price. You pay for convenience.

It’s true that global prices are available from 3rd party sites. Eve Central used to provide these, now I use Eve Marketer but, as someone who does business in the smaller hubs, I don’t want global pricing in game and would prefer if CCP added a 5 minute delay to ESI so the 3rd party sites were a little out of date!


I see the confusion here.
PLayer A wants to go out to do some pew pew, but cant because he needs to buy things. He is broke, or a lowbie/newbie…so he cant afford all the blinged out blingy blingedness, 1 million isk is still a lot to this average new joe…instead of buying local, new Joe Player A goes to Jita because everyone tells him, " if you want something at a good price you have to go to a hub, and jita is the biggest trade hub. So player A goes to jita to get his cheap stuff, or maybe logs off because " flying to jita is boring/takes to long, " or some other option… The “inconvenient high prices of an inefficient market system have lead to another non retained player, because all he wants to do is " run missions/pvp/mine/whatever it is new people do”.

Player B: The Market guy, mega rich wealthy pants McIsk, This is the force behind the market, when people are referring to " Market Forces" this guy is one of the heaviest of them all…Rich guy McGee wants to buy and sell stuff in eve. That’s how he wins eve. This guy is prevented from selling in any other region because " regions" original concept from 2003 Im guessing. Not bad game design for its time, might be a little outdated and need some looking at to see if it needs to be adjusted [Chaos Era AmIRite] Money bags McFinch, he would be the one buying and selling in this new system that I proposed, and he would need to have someone go to the region where he bought said items and have them delivered or whatever they are doing with those items “anyways” so the proposed idea to adjust the system would give players IN GAME [ a good reason to be in game as opposed to outside game on 3rd party aps] the advantage of seeing the market live, and making their decisions accordingly.

I am by no means anywhere close to being an economist. CCP has people that are. I know everyone here is really passionate about Eve Online, mad props to all who help it stay strong [ EVE ONLINE FOREVER!], but the reason why I am suggesting a market change to begin with is because I believe it might be causing some issues with regards to retaining players, specifically breaking immersion from action/fighting in the game by taking away non indy toons from their home areas due to complete lack of market activity, and I am not even talking about the 15 million isk shuttle sales in The Citadel, Im all for it, let the market price be dictated by players, total free market guy and libertarian here, 15%20million%20shuttle%20sales|690x388

,but when I talk to some new players and they tell me that they are stationed way far away from the hubs because they want to be with their new corps that we are all telling them to join, but they are going to jita to buy stuff, taking them away from their corps, out of the fight essentially, one guy I talked to was like 35 jumps from jita and he was going there anyways to get stuff, he knew almost nothing about the game but he was trying to learn it, seems like its taking this guy away from his people to do really boring stuff… the idea is to give slightly better tools so players can make markets ie placing buy and sell orders, or even just making buy and sell orders visible so that the market can better serve the players needs of getting their gear to go play with their friends faster by having it be seen by potential market makers and transport logi people can see where they are going to get their next big wholesale haul.
The market would still be controlled by players, prices set at whatever rates they wanted. But there wouldn’t be this lack of transparency/ lack of data that prevents someone from buying something that is on the market which makes no sense to these younger players ;

They are used to looking up stuff on Amazon/Walmart/Home depot, and they can see all the items in any store by zip code, if they don’t like the prices, they scroll to another page/store, they have search at their fingertips, prices are transparent, people buy what they want INSTANTLY, here we have this futuristic game, and the experience is like going back into the past when purchasing stuff on the market, If you are not local the prices are invisible, This is not the case IRL which may be causing some sort of dissonance with new players who are used to buying what they want when they want anytime anywhere, of course they will have to either have it delivered or pick it up themselves which remains consistent with current game design, and on their way to the store “content happens” the market system would be serving the players more efficiently, most likely allowing more interactions.
These lack of transactions could be having a direct impact on player gameplay experience, as I have seen with seeding null sec market tends to lead to higher activity in the system (4C for those who are curious).
Everyday untold numbers of transactions are being lost to inefficient Market design,
Today I was prevented from buying a BPO because it was In Amarr region, and I in The Forge.

Why are we allowed to see contracts in another region but not allowed to buy them?

If I could buy this BPO, I would have it shipped to my corporate HQ in The Forge, Creating jobs for transportation industry in Eve via contract system.

Is there a lore reason for not being able to see markets in other regions, yet being able to see the entire contract system in all regions? Can a new technology be invented to help See other regional markets?

Does having 3rd party websites showing the market trade details create more activity or retention for market type players? Should this be implemented in game if it benefits the player base as a whole?

What is the intention of the regional markets, and are they serving their purpose, do they even need to be rebalanced/reworked?

Im for anything that helps to retain players, keeps Eve Strong, and growing.

ps im tired as ■■■■, take the above as a tired as ■■■■ post…


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Some players use 3rd party apps to see Every Regions prices on market items, and some don’t.
So some players have an unfair advantage over other players with regards to market data.

the delay or outage on 3rd part sites is a good idea, I think the need for market information on a server wide scale is what boosted demand for the 3rd party market data sites to begin with.

Everyone has access to the same tools so if they are lazy to use them it is on them. What you wrote is the equivalent of “some people use tanking modules others don’t thus those who do have an unfair advantage”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have heard CCP Hilmar say:
Eve is cruel but fair.

specifically with regard to players having access to outside data over players in game I think it was more in reference to private ESI stuff idk, but I could have misunderstood what I heard, it was on TIS or some other Eve Podcast Interview YouTube thing.

Basically if something is not performing " As Intended" CCP is looking to fix those issues.

If something is not serving the players, it might be worth looking at updating it to make Eve More Engaging.

How you fit your ship is your business, just don’t be all in my face about it :slight_smile:

The best way to retain new players is get them into a decent corp. I realize that is easier said than done. As a new player, I would discuss my planned fits with a corpmate - I usually got some expert advice and some free modules from the loot buyback container. Most of the stuff a new player buys is reasonably priced in the regional hubs, if not, one of the freighter pilots would pick it up for me on their next Jita run.

These options are only available if you’re part of a community - playing Eve solo, at least as a newbie, is playing it the hard way!

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CCP Anounces New Global Plex Market to be “Coming Soon” at Eve Vegas Keynote, ty @CCP_Burger, and the rest of CCP Crew!
Looking forward to it.
Looks like this topic is already on their radar, and they are implementing it within a year, so I see no more need for this topic, it might need to be closed.

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