New(ish) player looking for small gang / pirate corp

(Zim Kumiso) #1

As the title says, i’m looking for a new corp. Tried a few things in game, but really want to get into small gang pvp.

Some basic things about me:

  • 12m SP
  • Play late EU/early US time (20:00 until 23:00 Eve Time)
  • almost 40 with Job/family, so RL comes before EVE

Ships i can fly (as in have the skills)

  • Interceptors
  • Interdictors
  • Covert Ops
  • Bombers /w Bombs
  • Command Destroyers w/ Skirmish Links

What I’m looking for:

  • not set on space, would consider low/null/wh, as long as i can fly the ships i enjoy
  • activity during my timezone
  • small to medium sized corp
  • no massive blue lists/donuts
  • roaming gangs
  • not too much interested in sov/large fleet stuff

Make me some offers, here or in game

o7 Zim

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #2

Come check out the Imperium Legion. We are a sov holding corp/alliance that enjoy’s small gang fleets and work’s best as the underdog

(Gian Bal) #3

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #4

We are exactly what you are looking for, so long as you don’t get easily offended and have a warped sense of humor. Our members age from mid twenties to 40s.

(Zim Kumiso) #5

still looking

(King Creator) #6

Check us out!

(system) #7

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