New Player looking to join some kind of PvP/WH group!

Hey guys - new player here - played for about a month then took maybe a year off! Almost 2 million skill points so new but have played a little - looking for a noob friendly group to show me the ropes and help me getting to grips with the game - have wormholed a fair amount and am proficient at scanning and finding and looting relic sites etc - but want to learn about pvp and how to be a better pilot in general - I’m sure there are a lot of basics I’m not across! I’m UK based and have team speak and discord etc and looking for some noob friendly guides basically!

Hi Dax!

Has anyone reached out to you yet?
I’ll leave this here for your consideration:

Hey dude,
I am UK based too, been in game since day 1 but taken numerous long breaks from the game.

I setup newbro friendly corp to work as part of my alliance and along side my main activities with my other corp and thought you might be interested.

WIth the wh history you will fit in well and we can help to teach you with pvp side of things real easy as we are constantly out on NPSI fleets and running small gang fleets aswell ourselves as an alliance.

Check out our brand new forum post or feel free to join our in-game channel - “B.B.I Recruitment”

Hey guys thanks so much for the replies - have found a home now but really appreciate the offers ^^

Best of luck to you :smiley:

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