New players see EVE as another trash f2p cash grab game

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EVE is a sub based game with an unlimited trial, yet CCP advertises it as a F2P game( which may lead to some think, it’s freemium game) so yeah

Isn’t this what most of new players want nowadays?


I don’t think so. True, if mobile games are any indication, there does seem to be plenty of players who like/are tolerant of anti-consumer, aggressive, and/or P2W monetization methods being inplemented in F2P games. However, there is still a large number of gamers that are adamantly opposed to it.

Now, it does appear that there is a correlation between various demographics and their tolerance for F2P monetization shenanigans. For example, younger players and mobile players appear to be more tolerant than older and hardcore players.

Of course, this begs the question, are the type of players that are typically attracted to Eve online the type of players who are tolerant of monetization BS. Personally, I would guess that the answer is no. But I don’t have access to the metrics, a single whale can offset the loss of many “non-whales”, and we certainly do seem to be attracting our fair share of players that are buying more than just subs. Thus, even if plex ads and all that BS are driving away the type of guys who hate P2W, CCP can still end up coming out ahead. Think of it this way, one guy buying the BlackOps pack for 240 bucks (or whatever it was), almost makes up for the loss of two yearly subs.

Bah. I don’t even know where I’m going with this. I need to go to bed.
No P2W


Yeah, a shame, I blame it on the education systems. Young people had no chance to grow into all the marketing shenanigans from an “analogous” world, they are just confronted with all of that after companies had 20 years of optimization and evolution.

Education quality is stuck in the old world, or focusing mainly on ideological indoctrination (e.g. climate or gender religion). The least education is interested in are self-sufficient, critical thinking, self-confident human beings. Regardless of political system.

Back to EvE topic :wink: As I already sketched in another comment, CCP has the options:

  1. Continue to lie to new players - not retaining or losing both demographics
  2. Convert EvE into a “modern” game - lose old demographic but make bank on millions of F2P people for a short period of time before closing shop
  3. Keep and advertise EvE as an real honest alternative to all the crap out there - keep the current demographic and have a chance to convert some of the F2P folks when they get older

I would prefer CCP to go with 3 obviously. Currently I feel they try 1.

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How is this a player feature or an idea?

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I don’t know where you are located but where I am this is not the focus of education at all. It’s still the same stuff as it was many decades ago, science, reading, writing, math, history, civics, art, music, computer science and athletics to name a few (is that what you mean by “old world”?).
Also neither of those things are a religion. There is demonstratable proof that there is such a thing as the climate and that gender does in fact exist.

I’m not going to speak for people who are from a different generation than I am other than to say, don’t underestimate them.

You know what?
That’s a good question.

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That’s not sufficient IMO. What is needed is basics in economics, media, data privacy, data security, money management. Math has to focus more on statistics, numbers, sizes. Topics which everybody needs when reading news papers or watching stuff nowadays in order to have an idea if you are reading BS or not.

But we are going off-topic.

can confirm most new players I talk to seem to have this impression. not really sure its a bad thing? i have talked to some that were turned off by that but not too many. though those are the ones that played for more than a few hours before quitting

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Well, this is definitely getting off topic, but it seems to me that the education system here in the states is focused much more on creating people who are capable of generating wealth for others, than it is on teaching people how to think critically. Don’t get me wrong, knowledge that will help you find gainful employment, self-actualization, and/or make your own contributions to human knowledge are certainly important. However, so is the ability to reason and think critically. And they are certainly not teaching people things like how to think for themselves, identify misinformation or propaganda, or how to be an informed voter.

I mean, you’d think that an education system would spend a hell of a lot of time on things like reasoning, argumentative fallacies, cognitive pitfalls, heuristic failures, biases, propaganda, science literacy, and how to inform yourself on an issue. But it doesn’t. You can go to school for 16 years of your life, and barely learn anything about any of that stuff.

I mean, I somehow made it out of HS having only a vague understanding of what argumentative fallacies were. And college wasn’t much better. I think we spent about a week on argumentative fallacies in english 2, and, iirc, my speech class spent 1 class talking about them (and they didn’t spend any time talking about other dirty debate tricks, or trying to teach you how to examine arguments critically). And, in spite of taking a zillion science courses, the only one that bothered to teach me basic science literacy was my research methods class. So, if you don’t have to take a research methods class, it’s quite possible to graduate from college without ever learning BASIC ■■■■■■■ SCIENCE LITERACY. I mean, we live in a society where 45% of people believe in ghosts, but only 52% believe in global warming.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. The U.S. education system (as an aggregate) isn’t trying to create independent thinkers. Nor is it trying to create informed voters who are resilient to misinformation and propaganda. They’re just trying to create people who can go out into the workforce and generate wealth for others.

And don’t even get me started on school boards and politicians deciding what knowledge can be taught, or what history can be included in history books.

■■■■, we are so ■■■■■■. You guys know we’re in some serious trouble right? Not only have coordinated misinformation campaigns about global warming been extremely successful at convincing people that nothing needs to be done about the issue. But the pandemic and Texas winter blackout has demonstrated that politicians would gladly let people die if it suits their political agenda.

Meh. This got political, didn’t it. Wouldn’t blame the isd’s for deleting it.


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