New Portal Android test build available

Greetings again pilots,

We released an update to EVE Portal on Monday this week, with expanded Android device support. The issue we aim to resolve is that starting August 1, Google Play requires all developers must submit arm64 builds, or a bundle build.

The new bundle build has actually been in open beta testing for quite some time and so far we’ve been receiving positive feedback. Therefore we released the new build based on that new build mechanism.

However, with the new build in Google Play, we received reports where the new Android build crashes on startup for a number of our players. We have been working on resolving that issue as our top priority.

In the meanwhile, there is a 32 bit build that should work on most of the Android phones everyone can use before we update the Android build.
Install Android build from web

Please let us know if you still have issues with this one.

Many thanks for your patience while we work on the final fix.

On behalf The EVE Portal Team

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