New Portal Version new Problems

H there, have a hard time to find a sticky note somewhere Known Issues or a Patchnote/Dev posting for the new Portal Version so here my 5cent maybee someone reads it

  • got no notification about a new portal app at all
  • ALL account log ins are gone AGAIN??? (hey in 2021 i can still access my 20 years old forum log ins or steam but not Eve on my Phone? realy?? i mean realy realy???)
    (fun part is the smartphone OS itsself is smart enough to remember the log in data^^)
  • the updated app with no new/old account or char in it sand me a notification about a char wo was in the app pre update with charname in notification? (my guess it is just magic) (and this notification type was switched off pre update)
  • using german version eve time is shown in 24h UTC if i change to english its still the absolutely anoying 12h am/pm garbage ??? while eve servertime is still 24h UTC last time i was logged in^^
    (fun point is in wallet transaction there is correct 24h UTC also in the english version)
  • in english and german language version it uses incorrect the komma as 1k dividers instead of points even the eve log in screen in english language version get it “right”

at least it knowns edencom and triglavian skills now… i guess thats a win
but for managing chars and use some free time somehwere in the wild wild real word waiting for your bus or something why to hell do i have to put ion log ins and char selection every single time??? you anoye power users to death with this again and again and again and kill your eve companion app product with it realy good. i use it also in tablet… maybee log in once in 3 month while using the phone in between but there is no words i can write here to explain the pain i gett to see all accounts and char log in gone again. this is in fact stopping me using the app realy effectively…

maybee someone consider not to punish the users again and again and get your stuff together in 2021?


Plus it cant hold on when I swappind to browser and try to look in mailbox for aithirization code. Seems really safety for my accounts. just REALLY good protection from it’s own user! Cool!:rofl: