New Version of Eve Portal App

why do i have to log in my accounts AGAIN in the App?
is it realy that hard just to remember it if you update it? i mean… the OS remember it and can fill it up why cant the Portal App itself keep the data?
and sure needs 2 faktor again for each account…
Char entry is scetchy as it was in the old one sinde the beginning… wasnt there a promise to make it smoother?

why is there still a 12h american time format in the app on my phone and not an option to switch to 24h like its the Servertime on TQ since forever?
was there not a promise to work on it?

why is the App on my Tablet i use at home to manage accounts (yes today we have not only phones Hilmar^^) same display layout ,pictures sizing and font sizes etc like on the phone? i mean i am getting older but not that old i need big picture mode in that App^^
just hold a 10" tablet in reading distance and you will see you can scale all down to 1/4 and can read it in same real world size as on the phone next to it

you CCP promised you will work on the App and improve it not only to get new features to make more money, but also to make it better for the users, improve it in functionality and bring it to what you claim it is … a Eve Companion App…

i am waiting for the little things Users complained about. did anyone ever used it on a larger phone like all use today or an tablet? the system buttons are on the bottom! top of the screen is often not reachable with one hand but also with two: why do i have to move to the top of the screen to switch tabs and cant swipe between, why is the char switch button as one of the most important to use the app properly that small and on the top left corner on the screen where it is hard to reach but the add char button is screaming in white blinding in the dark next to the thumb and there is no way to remove it.

could you please give the dev team the time and money to go over the app to made it realy better in a user friendly way?

p.s.: while i am here… in the compainion app there are Transaction Time stamps with seconds in Eve itsself the seconds are gone… because hey… who needs it to compare site runnings, optimise flow and setups… yes often in Incursions or Conduits or while Ratting it is important to know took it 5min10 or 5min53… if someone reads it… pls toss it to the Eve Devs and give us the option back to switch timestamps in transactions back on

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Thank you for your feedback and we have delivered them to our dev team.