NGA [NGA4L] Recruiting [IRC] ✩Active Null Sec Corp✩ Paragon Soul

(Loreth) #1

NGA is looking to bring on new recruits. We’re currently located in Paragon Soul within the IRC Alliance, directly on the border of Goons space. Plenty of PVP action with a heavy Industrial backbone. We have something to offer for everyone.


  • ESI Verification
  • 20M SP Minimum
  • TS3/Voice Comms Required

Services Offered:

  • PVP Fleets daily/weekly with capital support
  • LVL5 Military Index Ratting
  • Max Rorqual Mining and boost
  • Ice Belt Mining
  • T2 Manufacturing
  • Incursion fleets weekly
  • Null-sec training
  • TS3 & Discord Voice Comms
  • Corp Buyback Program

Please join our public channel “NGA4L Public” for more information.

Fleet Ops - Pew Pew Video: Dead Rorqual…

(Loreth) #2

Come check out our recruitment channel for more info “NGA4L Public”.

(Loreth) #3

Some recent action with IRC and friends… :slight_smile: Click Here