NI Industries Indy/PVE/PVP/Explo Nul Sec

We are still recruiting! :grin:

As a new player to Eve online and never experienced nullsec. I can say after joining Ni Industries i have not regretted the decision. The members are very helpful in guiding you to what you want to accomplish and there is always someone to help guide you through the maze which is eve online. You learn things that would take forever to make sense of watching YouTube in a matter of minutes with these guys. Yes i have made newbie mistakes. The corps was very helpful in correcting my ways.


Still recruiting! :slightly_smiling_face:

We are still recruiting! :smiley:

great corp nice bunch of guys :+1:

Bumping! \o/

We are still recruiting! :smiley:

Bumping! o/ :wave: :wave:

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We are still recruiting here! :blush:

Bumping! \o/

Bumping o/