NJED is Recruiting - C4->C2/C4

Hi Bluedagger,

My friend and I recently picked up this game and are looking for an alliance to join. We are Alpha but are able and willing to become Omega to advance further into the game. We play on a daily basis and would like to become further involved in EVE online by joining your crew. Please let me know if we need to apply somewhere or talk to somebody to join. Thanks.

Waylash S

Hey Bluedagger!

I sent you an In-game Mail, Would love to hear from you soon.


Hey Waylash,

Sorry for not getting back quickly! Had a crazy week last week. We have a public channel in-game that would be the best place to hang out and find a recruiter to get you started. Our application is also linked in that channel:

NJED Bar and Lounge

Recruitment is still open! Alpha skill changes are nearly upon us!

Updated OP to include new Discord public channels. Happy New Year everyone!

Bump to the top still

Here we go, back to the summit. Check our killboard, in the top 10 of regularly killing 15b per month.

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A group that does stuff, we kill and raid.

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Still creating content. Top 20 corp of WHS.

We have Aussies.

Still attracting quality pilots, are you one?

Snagged some more real quality pilots, always room for more.

Killboard does not lie. Check ours for multitudes of diverse entries.

Going for gold. Regular fights and good Isk opportunities.

No local, cloaked danger everywhere, welcome home?

Uploading new pilots. Chat with us.

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New content, new eve, new ships, new corp?