NO PVE IN EVE ANYMORE? This game is broken

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you used to be a good game… it’s just sad where you’ve gotten to.

You’ve , if indirectly, hit the biggest, most contentious and longest lasting issue that Eve/CCP has…

Eve, in theory, is a PVP game - so PVE players need to suck it up and learn what type of game they are playing…

However. on the other side - PVE subscriptions have underwritten the finances of CCP for most of its history

CCP essentially killed off most of high sec PVE, thinking (and indeed shouting) about how Eve is a PVP game - then, some time ago, they realised that this was not actually true ( from a financial point of view) and thus nul sec became krabland on speed…

Sadly, turning nulsec into krabland kind of ruined the pvp part of what made Eve, Eve…

So now we are stuck with garbage PVE in high sec, garbage PVE in nulsec and very little PVP anywhere (short of ganking PVE ships - which is no challenge at all)


Because players are allowed to play the game anyway they want (as long as it doesn’t violate game rules), including role playing highsec gankers?

Why are you so mad about this?

Singularity is a separate server that has almost zero CODE. presence. You can go there if you want “at least one area” where people can PvE without interference.


Yes sir that is exactly my point. PVP in the game (which I used to enjoy fully in nullsec and W-space) has become useless and at the same time opressive to the players who ACTUALLY SPEND REAL MONEY $$$ on the game. I would like to see the game continue but with this apairtaide it doesn’t seem likely that the game will survive with more than 5k true subscribers so will probably fall out of financing soon and have to quit. The new app is a decent idea but if there is no separation between PVE and PVP it will not succeed.

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You do know ganking was easier in the past right in some ways. There was even tankable Concord for years.
Now yes the meta evolves and multiboxing became easier with modern computers, so things evolved alongside to compensate.
But there has never been PvE with no risk of ganking in the entire history of EVE. Nothing has been removed. Just go somewhere code aren’t


BTW I’m a software engineer game designer. Mighty Party is earning more than EVE right now and I just have a spot on their dev forum lol and the reason they are earning that much is because of my suggestions. Not to toot my own horn or anything just laying out the provable empirical facts. I LOVE

Oh wow, that was quite an expensive loss.

You made yourself a very good target.


OK, true or not, that made you come across as a bit of an a$$


I will never understand what goes through someone’s head when they’re throwing this kind of sore-loser tantrum.

“Someone blew up muh spacepixels so I’m gonna blow up my dignity, too!” :roll_eyes:


Oh why didn’t you say so at the beginning?

That makes all the difference! :smirk:


OK so you just outlined why CODE should not exist… Making absolutely no safe PVE environments in EVE has lost CCP tens of THOUSANDS of subscribers to Omega, therefore losing lots of real-world income that they could potentially use to make content better. Sorry but that’s a fact. PVE players pay (and have) more real-world money than PVP players do. I remember the small-group gankings that used to occur in Hisec but that was very limited… there was no large group making it happen regularly thereby reducing the number of players who want to spend their $15 a month on the game for Omega.

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Prove it or look daft.


BTW not a “sore loser tantrum” as someone so eloquently put it lol. I really could care less. I have many other games to play. I was just sad that the sandbox MMO spaceship game I had loved when I was younger has devolved so terribly.

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Boo hoo. Keeping EVE a PvP sandbox with no safe spaces for whiny carebears has kept EVE alive in an industry where countless competitors have failed. Keeping a strong identity and locking in the core market is way more important than pandering to whiny carebears who will probably get bored and quit within a month or two anyway.

PVE players pay (and have) more real-world money than PVP players do.

{citation needed}

I was just sad that the sandbox MMO spaceship game I had loved when I was younger has devolved so terribly.

That’s an odd thing to say given your current demand to remove the sandbox in favor of a zero-interaction safe space where you can ignore all other players and mindlessly farm PvE content.


Yes, the unhinged, incoherent ranting with excessive use of capital letters makes it readily apparent that you were entirely unfazed by the incident and are merely offering analytical commentary on the matter.


Star Trek Online is an interesting and viable spaceship game where you can play the full game, no limits, forever, without fear of ever being ganked anywhere.

If you’re playing EVE and not STO, then it appears you want a spaceship game that has a little more danger and excitement than a PvE game. In which case, complaining that EVE has some chance of being ganked anywhere sorta defeats the purpose.

CCP doesn’t need to make anything ‘safe’. They only need to do 2 things:

  1. Make PvE at least semi-interesting, and give PvE players some decent options for dealing with those who wish to inflict PvP upon them.

  2. Make PvP at least semi-interesting, and give PvP players some decent options for engaging with PvE players.

Some day, CCP might possibly achieve one of those goals. Until then, learn not to be a tempting target, I guess.


Seriously. Like why do these “impartial” commentaries on game design always seem to appear immediately after the poster suffers a multi-billion ISK loss?

I guess just a coincidence. :roll_eyes:


Blocking out the “Whiney Carebears” has simply limited the growth of the gaming platform. If you did have a “whiney carebear” hisec space for PVE content, out of the EIGHT THOUSAND SYSTEMS… CCP would cease to alienate those players who have real-world money they would like to spend on a game they play when they get home from work. You are just broadcasting your ignorance of basic economic concepts with what you just posted. I consult for several gaming companies and all of their products make far more money than EVE which is just sad because I really like EVE. I just feel like they’re falling into a financial abyss they will not be able to pull out of.

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