🇺🇸 No Rules Just Money - Not War Eligible - Recruiting Miners & Combat pilots! - USTZ HS & Wormhole Based

T-CAM is recruiting!

Don’t change your career, change your culture. In most of Eve being in a corp means being under appreciated and one dimensional. The reality is YOU are the life blood of Eve and YOU should be paid for your efforts. You will make isk in our ops. You will mine and fly in new places. You will learn new content. Most importantly you will make friends in a culture of support. We are a hi-sec based Combat site and Ice mining corp. We are US time zone based and looking to fill our fleets.

What we do:

Wormhole Sites
PVP Defense
Triglavian Content
Moon Mining
Ice mine
Ore mine

What we offer:

J-Space ops
Doctrine Ships
Industrial facilities
Online Corp Buy Back Page
Paid fleet ops
No required Ops
Real life comes first

What we require:
No Alpha’s
5m sp

Background Check (Required)
-In game applications will not be accepted. Follow the above link for consideration.
-Be sure to be in Discord after you submit for an interview. Be patient
Mature 18+
Discord (Interview required) https://discord.gg/JbHNZyU
Willing to train into doctrine
Team player
Not Toxic

Join “T-CAM Public”


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Recent T-CAM recruit here. I have returned to Eve after a 5 years hiatus and find myself very fortunate to find this corp.

The operational framework of this Corp is ideal for new players and veterans alike. Direct payout/mining system is efficiently executed. New players (or returnees) can expect more individualized attention and interaction with experienced T-CAM members in contrast to other massive, impersonal corporations. And yes - you will be outfitted with the needed tools to immediately begin fleet ops, make ISK, and gain tremendous experience in PvE/PvP in both J-space and K-space.

Don’t repeat the mistakes of so many players and attempt to go solo. Join a corp… join the T-CAM team.


I just had the pleasure of meeting Scion Lex today. I’ve been playing Eve for nearly 15 years now, and I have rarely come across a CEO (outside of the null power blocks) that understands the meta the way that he does.

He’s got the right focus and is slowly and patiently building something that’s going to be transcendent in high sec. I know you’ve probably heard it all before, so instead of taking my word for it, I highly recommend that you jump on Discord with him and feel it out so you can see for yourself.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know him and the Corp better. They are on to something here, and I for one am excited to be a part of it.


Looking for more pilot to fill our ranks! Join “T-CAM Public” https://discord.gg/JbHNZyU

Looking for new and veteran players alike. This is a newly reopened Corps with an impressive operational framework set up by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Eve players I have ever met - Scion Lex.

We are small but growing. Ever recruit has a chance to make a difference in our new team. DO NOT focus on “member count” stats of massive corps - you will be just another faceless number in their ranks. Make a difference with your skills and abilities obtained from RL and/or in-game and join T-CAM.

In-game channel: “T-CAM Public”
Discord (also for used for fleet ops): https://discord.gg/JbHNZyU

Don’t be just another corporate asset. Become an invaluable team member.

Welcome to T-CAM. o7

Looking for more to join our doctrine fleets for Emerging conduits and Combat sites. Join “T-CAM Public”

Want to make isk and learn more about the game? Join Us! Join “T-CAM Public”

No ESI, just fleets and good times. Join “T-CAM Public”

We aren’t toxic. We don’t care about killboards. We don’t care where you came from. We don’t care if you are new. We care if you have a good attitude, want to learn, are a team player and like making isk. Super simple, super chill.

Looking for more to for our Invasion fleet. Corp ops pay you, not the other way around. Join the high sec team that’s going places. Join “T-CAM Public”

Ice fleets, conduits fleets, wormhole fleets; we run them all and all of them pay. Be appreciated. Join “T-CAM Public”

Join “T-CAM Public”

Only joined a day ago, but I will say it’s a good start. The corp is well organized and has things for people to do from minute one. I’m excited about a corp for the first time in quite a while.

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UmpaLumpa here, also looking for a friendly corp, im mostly a combat oriented pilot, I do not mine but I could if its required, I think its boring to be honest, would rather blow ■■■■ up lol

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And blow things up you shall. Join “T-CAM Public” :grin:

Fleets are up! Join “T-CAM Public”

New bro friendly. Tech 1 doctine ships provided. Training available and isk to be made. Join “T-CAM Public”

This is a great place for both veterans and new players. Come check us out.

Come join our growing team as we prepare for the new Quadrant! Join “T-CAM Public”