No Vacancies c5>c5 WH pvp recruitment, currently seeking AUTZ players

Easter bump!

Late night bump

sunday morning bump


Friday afternoon bump

Well im back and ready to have more guys and girls come over.

Happy friday bumps!!!

No Vacancies has Vacancies! Come join us back in our old home :smiley:

No Vacancies still has vacancies!

Still currently have Vacancies!


Spots open for friendy pilots!

Bumping for Pilots!

Join us in our pulsar!

Applied directly via app form, hope thats ok? at work and will forget otherwise :slight_smile:

applied via the app form

Well I came back and phone died, back to bumping I come.

Beautiful saturday, great for sinking a few, kicking it by the fire or blowing pixels up.

And heres a bump.

Still recruiting, come for a chat.