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About Nocturne

Nocturne is a EU & US new player friendly & real life first alliance founded upon the ideals of creating a place where everyone is welcome and our members are free to pursue what they want to do in EVE as casually or as hardcore as they want. Long term we are building to become a nullsec alliance, for the time being we are setup in highsec to provide our members a stable place to grow.

We participate in all areas of EVE Online and provide support & guides for all areas of EVE along with PvP fleets multiple times a week lead by dedicated & experienced FCs. We provide T1 versions of doctrine fits and free starter ships to new members to allow them to quickly & easily participate in PvP fleets to get a feel for PvP in EVE risk-free.

Our goal is to provide a place where both players & corporations can grow & thrive by providing the resources they need to learn & succeed in EVE Online regardless of how new they are to the game or what their interests are.

What We Offer

  • Buyback @ 95% Jita buy
  • Logistics service to & from Jita & Amarr
  • Ship replacement for any ships lost on PvP fleets
  • PvP fleets multiple times a week led by experienced FCs
  • Special interest groups to bring together players with similar interests
  • High quality IT services such as Alliance Auth, Discord, & Mumble
  • Dedicated wiki to help members find the information they need
  • New player training classes, guides, & one on one mentorship
  • Dedicated outreach team to help new players get started in EVE & Nocturne
  • Free ships & implants to provide a jump start for new players on ISK making & training
  • Organized & experienced leadership, weekly alliance updates & meetings over voice

What we are Looking For

  • All players are welcome regardless if they are new, returning, or a veteran
  • We have support for alpha clones as well with doctrines that require little training to get into
  • We are recruiting any corporations interested in growing, we’ll provide IT services, background checking, and assistance with building your corporation

How to Contact Nocturne

Contact any of our recruiters/diplomats below through our Discord

List of Diplos

  • (US) Hyziri (Hyziri#0001)
  • (US) Shad Ambs (Shad#8972)

List of Recruiters

  • (US) Hyziri (Hyziri#0001)
  • (US) Shad Ambs (Shad#8972)
  • (US) SammtheMAN (dblaz#8619)
  • (EU) Crixus Uitra (BreakTheScale#5792)
  • (EU) Seymour-Butts (Seymour Butts/Craig#7257)

Whether you’re a brand newbro or a decade old bittervet, come grow with us!

Still recruiting!

Recruitment is open!

Recruitment is still open!

Still recruiting!

Nocturne is still recruiting!

I joined Nocturne, and so should you! We’re still recruiting.

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I joined and you should too. We are still recruiting