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Website has been updated.

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In a great space. if your looking to get your feet wet in some null sec living hit me up.

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Still looking for corp members. Message me in steam or join the BOLH discord channel.

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FYI, your API must be a Full API. It will be screened and background checks will be done before you can be accepted.

Here is our Alliance Killboard:

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas, if you are interested please feel free to reply here with questions. I am looking for PVPers, Miners, and of course P.I.

Lots of great plans for 2018.

62m SP returning playing looking for indy/mining corp
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We are still recruiting, looking for a few good beans.

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Having a great start to a new year.

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Still looking for new members. Please reply here or contact me in game.

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up up, up the post

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updated info in 1st post

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