Null Alliance Sov Corp Recruiting All Time Zones (Plex, Ships, and Bounties oh my!)

Advanced Resource Acquisition and Exploration is currently looking for new members. Here at AVRAE we feel that recruitment in EvE is one of the most intense and competiive forms of PVP and we work hard to provide our members with options and support at a level that most other corps do not or can not.

After playing this game for 13 years I know that in EvE the corp needs you more than you need us so we work hard to set ourselves apart from every other 0.0 Corp in EvE. As the leader of this corp it is my mission to support my members and provide them with the opportunities and equipment they desire in order to thrive and enjoy their career in 0.0 within the organization.

What we are looking for are industrialists and pvpers across all time zones who want to join a growing laid back community in secure 0.0 Sov Space.

  1. We offer sign on bonuses to corp members who stick around for the long term in the form of plex or isk. Corporation Tenure Rewards Guidelines

  2. We have high end public moons, belt mining, and PvE sites with rorq and capital defense support.

  3. We have fast and free JF services that do hauls as needed.

  4. We also purchase, ore, ice, salvage, pi, moon reaction products and pvp loot from our corp members at Eveprasial Jita buy prices rather than local prices.

  5. Daily alliance level PvP Securtiy, Roams, and Hot Drop fleets.

  6. Free replacement mining and pvp ships for active members.

  7. We pay you for every PvP kill and assist you make and also for flying in alliance fleet ops! - Bounty Program and SRP and Fleet Payment Guidelines

  8. Additional corp SRP pay out on top of alliance SRP for any losses that occur while in alliance mining or pvp fleets.

  9. Finally Fly when you want to and dock when you don’t there are no requirements for attending fleets / ops.

If you would like to know more message or mail Rockius in game and I will get back with you ASAP.

Looking for players who want to hang out in 0.0 and do a little bit of everything, mine , pvp, pve, talk up big plans of server domination ect, ect. No pvp requirements but just know the corp will pay for kills, fleet participation, and corp srp to supplement alliance srp.

Love to explore, hack, and salvage, but frustrated that you can never find a decent buyer for your loot in your 0.0 trade hub, then check out our corp!

We offer fair evepraisal buy order prices for all of the resources you put your time and effort into collecting. Even if you don’t want to sell to us we are happy move your items to jita for you! Just a few of the ways that we work to make sure your 0.0 life as profitable and worry/hassle free a possible.


Still looking for groups or individuals who whish to join us in 0.0. mine, fight, build and explore your way to riches with our group.

No matter your preferred 0.0 career our corp has the leadership, experience and resources to help you reap the rewards of your efforts in 0.0.

Enjoy our Eveprasial Jita Buyback program on everything, a bounty program for going out and facing down threats in the area as well and a SRP that stacks with the alliance program.


Looking for more players to begin filling out our EU Time Zone.






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