Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Sounds like a fit. Join our PUB channel for a chat. Our description in this post is up to date and valid. We have many returning players so we can guess some questions before you ask :slight_smile:

Hey Guys, how many active NA players do you have and generally what TZ? I am a returning player that may be interested.

Hey - just replied to you ingame message.

Bumping bc we are growing and want you to join us!


Get in! We don’t have a corp mascot yet, but I like the cat!
Looking for a few more Aussies, to go with the 2 we have now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We got the EU’s… We need the AU’s and the US’s!

Recruitment is open. We all have RL challenges at the moment, that is the priority - no question. When and if you have time to switch off and log in you can find a relaxed, friendly and helpful community here.

Still accepting pilots - returning players, active pilots; PvPers, miners, explorers. Our member-base is mixed from EU / US and AUNZ TZ - not expecting large number but relaxed, friendly players to enjoy the game.

What requirements are on the players, like mandatory fleet participation, etc?

RL first corp - when we have important fleets we ask ppl who are online that time to join.

6-7 months with UMAH for me now and I enjoy EVE more than ever!

Started off in '07 but never really stuck with the game long enough - until I joined UMAH. Perfect size for me, having 4 kids and missus gives me the RL that I need / want and meanwhile when gaming, UMAH gives me fun and solid evenings (and some nights) on discord when roaming / camping / mining with the corp and alliance.

So really - if you haven’t found yourself a good corp to grow with and enjoy your gaming time, join UMAH_Pub ingame or direcly msg me, Ravvzor, and we can have a chat :slight_smile:

And so should you.

Join for a chat if you are interested!

Join us!

If you are looking for a relaxed, supportive corp where you can drive your own life and also want to contribute to a common goal - join for a chat.

Put yourself on the map.


Hey, I would like to enter your corp I’m 50 years old in life. I have lived in Null but I don’t have the 20 mil sp. I don’t even have half but I’m willing to wait until I do. I do Exploration, I’m learning to mine(huffing too) and I have an alt who does hauling. :grinning: