[Null Sec][Indy corp][UK & Early US TZ] Joining Winter Coalition, Detorid [Trust me we got a good deal]

Who are we?
we are a small corp of dedicated players who have been asked to help out in Detorid. We were given Huge Indy opportunity lot of ISK making opportunity in quiet space. FRT want to buy anything and everything and we are making it. TEMPORARILY MERGED with Unstable reaction we still are accepting members

Our Goals?

  • Grow
  • Have fun
  • Dank ticks
  • Build lots of stuff

While being chill, we also have the drive to get ISK.

What we offer?

  • Education/Training
  • Lols for days
  • 5% Corp tax
  • Prime Ratting space
  • Drive around and shoot ■■■■

With a deal like this you are probably wondering how strict the requirements are? we have simple rules

  • Must have discord and TS3
  • you must be able to fly an interceptor and a barge.
  • Don’t be a Wasteman (toxic)

EDIT: to contact me mail me in game or join “PDZC Pub”

Recruitment is still open and the dank ticks are still here

Thank you to the new recruits +2 yesterday and a group joined the discord to get a feel. we are still open :wink:

We are temporarily merging with our executor corp until standings stabilise where we are moving to, recruitment is still open.

We have arrived and we are settling in, oh and recruitment is still open, thank you to those who have been checking us out.

Thank you to the the 3 new members today who have joined and are helping out down in Detorid :kissing_heart:. and we are still open

Will msg u after work tonight

Thank you all of the applicants, we have temporarily limited recruitment, you are still welcome to apply but it will be a while until we can move you down to nullsec

Recruitment Is still open, however there will be a small wait (less than a week) between anyone expressing interest and receiving an invitation.

Recruitment is being picked back up again, We will be offering a lot more PvP but we will still be industry focused

We are still here and recruiting however we are doing most of the interviewing through discord.

We have decided to pick up recruitment again.

We are shifting slightly more to PvP but we are still laid back and recruiting

Miners Miners Miners! We now have some nice nullsec space for krabbing but we still got some nice PvP content

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