Null sec PVE corp ( Ratters , Miners ) No fees [ Period Basis ] [Imperium}

(Colonel--Commissar Gaunt) #1

Greetings Friend

The Imperial Federation is a small chilled corp that lives deep within the region of period basis , which has some of the best amount of -1 security systems in the game for officer hunting , All of our systems have been upgraded by our friends in Goonswarm so you will have acess to the best ORE and ANOMS and all without any requirements or obligations

We here in the Federation believe you should be able to play Eve online when you want to , HOW YOU want to !! And as such we don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to .

Which means , No long boring corp mining ops , No forced PvP ops , No silly pings telling you to get out of bed and No drama!

Being apart of the Imperium has a lot of benefits , Join us today and make your fortune

  • Build Supers
  • Keepstar Acess
  • 5 x -1 sec systems with lots of belts
  • Easy Officer Hunting
  • Acess to the Entire region with No Fees
  • Unlimited PI and Exploration Acess
  • No forced Ops
  • Potential to make billions per day running combat sigs

All we require is that your friendly , Active , and generally follow the rules

So to become a Citizen of the Federation please join our ingame chat The Federation… or join our Public Discord

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Come chill and make some moneys with us!

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Be a happy pilot with the imperium

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still looking for people

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Bumping to the top . Come join the federation today and start making your fortune

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Still recruiting new and old players

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The Federation wants you !

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The Federation wants you!!

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Making money is the key to happiness for the Federation, would you like to know more?

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Join us today!

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Still looking for chilled mature players

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Making moneys is the way in the Federation

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Join us for chilled eve online

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Looking for a new home ? Come check out our little group