Nullsec space for rent, Branch, Deklein and Tenal

(Zanatory) #1


Darkness. is currently renting out space in Branch, Deklein and Tenal!

We offer you Space in Branch, Deklein and Tenal

Nullsec ratting and mining in one of the Best Space in Eve.

Alliance JF service delivers to our area.

You can view the System list here

Our Renting rules can be found here

If you found a System you can contact one of the following people :


Ingame Channel “Darkness Rental”

(Zanatory) #2

Still Space for Rent!

(Zanatory) #3

Still Space for Rent!

(Zanatory) #4

Still Space for Rent!

(Zanatory) #5

Still Space for Rent!

(Kara Delios) #6

Hi Zanatory,

habt Ihr eventuell eine Warteliste in der ich mich für interessante Systeme eintragen kann?
Derzeit ist ja alles gute weg…
Uns würde ein vernünftiges Deadend System, mindestens -0.6 interessieren wo wir mit unseren S-Caps ratten können usw. Eventuell auch mehrere Systeme.
Wäre toll wenn wir da zusammenkommen.

Gruß, Kara

(Moose Estemaire) #7

Hi there,

Your systems sheet is empty when I load it. Are you still renting systems?



(Zanatory) #8 plz check again ^^

(Zanatory) #9

plz check again is updated now

(Zanatory) #10

Still Space for Rent!

(Zanatory) #11

Still Space for Rent!

(Xartarous) #12

Don’t think that tenal system list is right

(MetalJacke1 McKenzie) #13

50% Tax on all Indy? lol

(Zanatory) #14

Still Space for Rent!

(Doyey3731) #15

We charge a tax of 50% for all industry, research and invention jobs.

That sucks … any option of negotiating?

(Svenja Echerie) #16

Hi there, is there still space to rent?

(Prince Julian Margrave) #17

Such bad terms

(system) #18

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