ODINs OFOC C2 C5/Null sec Wormhole corp

Odin’s Calls OFOC is now opening it’s door again,

Out of Focus (OFOC) is looking for eager, active players. We’re a multinational corporation active in all timezones. We’re a friendly, established, competent active group that leads one of the oldest continually active wormhole Alliances in the game. We focus on small to medium size pvp and live in a C2 C5/NS. From which we enjoy consistent, varied forms of PvP content.

What we offer:

  • Varied and constant content in all areas (Small/Medium gang, WH Brawls, Evictions, Blops, Caps, Tournament stuff internal and external)
  • People to shoot, No blues
  • Established and good FCs/Content creators
  • Generous SRP
  • Great isk making opportunities
  • Tight-knit friendly community
  • A fun competent group without egos or drama
  • Teamspeak, Slack

Minimum Requirements:

► Being Active and proof of recent activity
► Minimum 25m sp, Amarr & Caldari Cruiser 5
► Have a second account or willing to make one (Minimum is 3 useful toons if you’re EU)
► Willingness to change your character background


Examples of what we do

Chat with us

To Apply

Ingame Channels:

General: OFOC Pub
Recruitment: OFOC Recruitment

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100mil Returning Player
Totally new player looking for a corp
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95.6 mil SP returner
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Returning player, 109 mil sp booster / trade / diplomacy / corp management
56mil sp sub cap spec LF HS/WH/LS
Seeking a pvp wormhole corp
94m sp pilot looking for nullsec home,
Two Green-ish Pilots LF Corp
Returning Player Looking for Good Community/Corp
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LF Null sec euro Pve/pvp
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89mill sp main looking for new home
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[USTZ] 106m SP LF Laid Back Corp
72m SP Returning to the Eve Needle
13 mill sp pilot looking for home
145M sp + 120M sp ALT looking for lowsec/nullsec corp
EUTZ; 120mil returning player looking for smaller null-sec corp
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LF Wormhole Corp
85M SP cap pilot + 45M SP alt looking for PVP corp
167m SP returning player looking for industrial corp
[LFC] 79m sp amarr fanboy looking for null
Returning Scrublord looking to bring down the average of USTZ PVP corp
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66 Mil Returning Pilot
[LFC] 120/110/60M SP PVP Pilot(s) Looking For New Home!
60M SP USTZ pilot looking for corp/alliance in low/null
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102 million sp pilot looking for long term USTZ corp
80m SP Null-bear with JF/Indy Alt Corp
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Returning Casual Player, looking for Casual friendly Exploration Corp
New Player LF U.S. based CORP
Nearly 40mil SP – Looking for 0.0 Corp \ Alliance - New Challenge (S-Cap&Logi&Fleet)
120m SP lf WH Corp
64 mil sp pilot looking for a purpose!
Active pvper looking for a new home
Found a corp - thanks for all the great offers. Closed
Found a home thanks for all the interest
Corp found! thanks for all the offers!
Thread closed
Returning player looking for non stop PvP fun!
Old post
32 mill sp toon looking for null/lowsec home
120mill sp toon looking for home
Returning Player 32M SP
52 mil SP subcap pilot LF corp for (mostly) late night fun
Returning Player Looking For New Home / Camaraderie & Established Active Corp
90m sp main and 50 m sp alt looking for wh corp
Returning Player looking to get back into Wormhole space
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Player looking for new home
70 Mil SP Character LF new corp
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Returning player looking to join active WH corp
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42 mil SP pilot looking for home
36m SP with Indy/PvE alt Looking for a home after 4 year break
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Pilot seeking Late night US/AU PVP
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Potential returning bitter vet looking for PvP Corp
46M SP, returning player, would like to start slow

My first sojourn into wormhole space lasted one week before the corp failscaded, so it is safe to say I was a little hesitant to dive back in. But I gave wormhole space another chance, joined Out of Focus, and I have never looked back.

I’ve gone from ratting and joining the occasional NPSI fleet, to having PvP opportunities around every corner. We are not a vast swarm of F1 monkey, your contribution matters in every fight, you contribution makes the difference, your contribution can be the deciding factor.

Wormhole space is not for everyone. But if wormhole space is your thing, OFOC is the place to be.

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If you like your corp to be fun, this is the corp to be in.

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can you share your doctrines?
can you share the most active hours of your corp? like from X eve time to Y eve time

Link to a killboard will be nice too

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Hey Rena, I’ll mail you but we have a few, most can guess from our zkill, and we’re a cross tz activity and our prime times have changed a bit, again I’ll send you info in eve mail more

Great dudes, good vibes and great pvp all day everyday !
the static nullsec brings endless content and the c5 static gives us those nice wormhole fights, what more to ask ?!

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Still recruiting and wrecking sh*t with a laugh

Opening recruitment again for a bit and actively looking for people

Had a nice skirmish with temporary insanity yesterday, kills traded both ways. Even got this beauty https://zkillboard.com/kill/64179777/

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Where else can you bring your dank orca-bait for fights? :sunglasses:

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As my mate Donald trump said “Odin’s Call will make EVE great again”. Best wormhole corp ive ever been in join up lads lots of pvp to be had.

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If you enjoy micro ganging this is the place to be, fighting for the sake of fighting pays off https://zkillboard.com/kill/64265388/

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fragged some russians :smile: https://zkillboard.com/related/31001972/201708262000/

Opening recruitment again:

  • 5 caps and 2 marauders called in last week,
  • tonnes of good brawls
  • active all timezones (just check our Killboard)
    come be a part of it!

More frags, check us out we the real deal!

free bump

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<3 Nou

Still recruiting,

Get kills like this:

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We killed 13 Vnis in 1 day!

Also this gem: https://zkillboard.com/kill/65057533/

+3b to SRP

Another day, another eviction and more frags,

Check us out