Of all the back door channels CCP has flapping open

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Got proof?

These days I don’t think its out of the question but proof is needed so the players can hammer CCP with it.



Yeah sure check various CCP’rs twitter history. Off the top of my head T2 ammo & faction gun changes was on twitter before any eve dev blog.

I don’t think CCP gives a hoot about things like that tbh. Anyway this topic is regarding the need for digital concierge for the FC’s of multi million $ fleets so I removed the patch notes out of official blogs gripe.

If CCP has the cash to send people onto very low viewer pod casts & twich streams you think they would have a call number for server concierge.

it is worth nothing. All content in the game belongs to CCP and was generated by the game time. Therefore, it is only a virtual reference to PLEX ISK comparison. All Titans Keepstars etc. cost 0$ at all.

I’m 99% sure you wouldn’t even get a refund for PLEX if the game was shut down tomorrow.


But it’s good clickbait!

Nodes where already reinforced. You can’t do magic and create supper server with no software issues even if you are CCP buddy.

Better or more hardware will change nothing. Learn ffs basics about eve simulation calculations. This is the same thing since years ago.


If the game shut down tomorrow on the matter of PLEX refund the only view I would want to hear is that of the official or appointed receiver. I am not concerned about CCP’s or PA’s opinion on the matter or anyone else’s.

My view being that plex is an unfulfilled subscription owed to creditors at cease of trading.

Ps. CCP digital assets do have IRL value as RMT websites show where they are traded daily. CCP claims it is their property which at this time I would not waste my time arguing against. A question needs to be asked about CCP’s VAT defict from these $ asset trades if it is infact their property. If it is their property it seems to be being traded with no tax provided.

Law is changing fast on that matter.

Nope. You just spent the money on imaginary pixels no matter what form. if the game would be out tomorrow then it would be your problem, because the pixels belong to CCP. Plex is an item. Items belong to CCP. No refund. Period.


Proof needed.

Even CCP accounts for types of plex on its previous irl financial statements.

Yet again don’t bother unless you are the appointed receiver. Anyway why turn this into an Eve is dying thread? CCP is having great 1/4s & current law on digital assets & unfulfilled subscription charges at cease of trading may not even be relevent in the future if CCP even ceases trading at all.

I’m pretty sure it’s in the EULA that you wouldn’t be refunded.

EULA’s, are not able to infringe statutory law & anyway if a company ceased trading their agreements would end anyway, the only opinion mattering is that of the receiver.

Please stop Texas law making in my thread, Go make or post to an eve is dying thread instead.

I’d not even appreciate CCP’s opinion on the matter of cease of trading unless it came with a cheque attached.

PLEX can be redeemed for a subscription, but that does not mean PLEX is a subscription. It is a digital asset that is properly of CCP.

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Stop, just stop.

CCP accounting for its plex liability aka IRL subscription liability.

There is only one person CCP needs to fool and at one point in time. It is not that time so shh,

You did peak my intrest it seems CCP is definitely trading Eve under CCP G HF, I previously minded it traded under uk ltd.c, maybe wrong I know the server is UK based? I’'ve forgotten where the big cash was accounted for however.

In that case the only opinion that matters will be Icelandic rulings, whether Iceland wants to maintain digital subscription & asset integrity based on any collapse of HF’s or throw it down the well alongside their investment banking sector.

Eve is not dying so meh,

I heard it’s like crypto kittys, where you don’t own the art, but the code. Thus, if CCP ever does go bankrupt, they’ll print out the 1’s and 0’s that represent your plex vault, and mail it to you.

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Going by the way Iceland handled its RL banking collapse expect to be charged for the cost of the paper.

Like most international businesses, CCP is a registered business in multiple countries and is simultaneously bound by regulations in each country. However, the EULA/TOS states which country dictates legal disputes and litigation for the product itself.


The EULA, and the rights and obligations of the parties hereto, shall be governed and construed by and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Iceland. The EULA shall not be governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The sole and exclusive forum for resolving any controversy, dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the EULA, or otherwise relating to any rights in, access to or use of the Software, System, Game, Game Content, User Content and/or the rights and obligations of the parties hereto, shall be the District Court of Reykjavík, Iceland, (Héraðsdómur Reykjavíkur). You hereby expressly waive and agree not to raise any and all objections based on personal jurisdiction, venue and/or inconvenience of such forum and agree to the jurisdiction of the District Court of Reykjavík, Iceland.


It’s a common mistake always worth correcting.

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Btw he’s right.

PLEX are, from an accounting perspective, a liability. Even though they already have the money in their wallets …
… from an accounting perspective someone has to consume the PLEX before it’s actual income.

Someone who’s actually doing accounting explained this stuff to us at some point in the past based on CCP’s actual financial report.

When the company ceases to exist, the liability goes poof … of course.

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I actually had in my head that eve was a product of CCP games ltd.C, the server being in London. But checking CCP ltd,C it is a low asset holding subsidary of CCP HF. Maybe it was in the past, I will check filings.

Why even host the server in London then?

Well like other Icelandic investments, I now agree that all my eve game assets are likely worthless including outstanding subs the moment they decide to cash out. At least some S.Koreans thought otherwise.

Unless you use a reputable E.European RMT site to assist you extracting Icelandic held assets. Lel,