Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I do indeed.


You said it. But hey, if you deny it enough, maybe it’ll become untrue.

So what’s this, then?

Let me repeat: I have never asked anyone, least of all any Matari, to extend the benefit of the doubt to the Amarr Empire. Never. Why would I, when even I don’t give the Empire the benefit of the doubt?

What I have done is asked Matari capsuleers to give specific Amarr loyalists the benefit of the doubt. I have done that, and I had my reasons for doing so. Very transparent reasons, in fact.

Maybe you’re technically right. You didn’t just twist what I said. You twisted my entire message, the very thing I’ve been working toward, simply because you and your ilk can’t see the difference between some Amarr and an entire ■■■■■■■ Empire of Amarr. You’re ready to throw me off the cliff because you don’t like my message.


Exhibit Z.

No, Mel, nobody’s throwing you off a cliff because we don’t like your message. But, you know, once again, I know you’re gonna decide to work yourself into a lather about how disagreeing with you, or worse, actually holding you accountable for the things you’ve said and done, is a campaign of persecution aimed at destroying your life and reputation, and it’s so horrible, you had to go and hide behind that dumbass Blackguard Intratech nonsense.

So if you want to know why people tend to dismiss what you say, and view you as a little… less than an honest actor sometime… if you want to know who’s made that happen? S’all you, babe. No cliffs needed.


I don’t mind when someone does this. In fact, I appreciate it. What you’re doing me is holding me accountable for something that I didn’t do but that you want me to have done. There’s a huge difference, and I refuse to live in your imagination just to satisfy your needs.

You have no idea what you’re talking about here, and it’s hilarious because even a tiny bit of research would show you. But you’d like to believe that I’m MAYA and I made up that whole thing or whatever, so you’re not even gonna look for it.

Dismiss? Not at all. You don’t listen in the first place. Sometimes I think that you do. But then you–and not just you, but multiple others–go and do something ridiculous like ask me whether I condemn all murderous and genocidal acts. Like, for real? If you were paying attention, you wouldn’t have to ask in the first place.

And how do you claim I did that exactly? I’ve always been honest and upfront about what I stand for. Even when I changed my viewpoint–because, as a reminder, I was actually at Thebeka, and I worked to incite slave riots–I was honest about that, too. I’m honest about who I love. At the moot, I was honest about my intentions. And right now, I’m honestly irritated by your refusal to pay mind to facts.

You have a question? Think I’m lying about something? Tempted to “dismiss” something I say because you find it suspect? Why not ask me, instead of coming up with creative little diversions to entertain yourself?

That’s real rich from the person who spent most of the last year telling Elsebeth what she thought of you, and completely ignoring any and all statements and actions to the contrary. Y’made yer bed, Mel. Sleep tight.

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I’m guessing that’s a no, then. Typical.

And don’t make assumptions about what happens between me and another person. You don’t have the details.

Once again, you make up whatever colorful story fills in the blanks best for you.

Yeah. Because you didn’t do it again and again and again right here on the IGS.

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Lord Arrach Sarum is none of those things.

None save honest.

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And I apologized for it in private.

Guess that doesn’t count, since it wasn’t on the IGS, right?

Great, I’m glad to hear it. But apologies don’t mean it didn’t happen. And they don’t mean people don’t take into account that it happened when they’re considering how credible you are.

You know we can all see his hand up yer rear, right?

The fact that I tried to do better should count. But then again, coming from you–easily one of the most despised women on the IGS–maybe I ought to appreciate my own credit.

It could only count if people were aware of it. Now that you’ve let people know? Of course it counts. Even if it counts, though, it doesn’t mean the other didn’t happen.

And you don’t hear me whining about what being me has wrought, do you? People judge me based on what they know of me. People who know more, use more to judge me. People who don’t… don’t. I wouldn’t expect any different.


And yet it’s still really none of your ■■■■■■■ business.

Unless you want me to inform you of everything I do, just so you can cast your little judgements on it?



Unlike Vaari’s, it wasn’t runny.

Maybe you don’t whine because you aren’t aware of it.

Which is a shame. It’s truly entertaining. Haven’t you wondered why hardly anyone cares to get into a discussion with you anymore? Why no one seems to react to or even read your posts? It’s because there’s no point. For those who care to win debates, there’s no winning against you; for those of us who only wish to inform, there’s no convincing you or even getting you to consider a viewpoint other than your own.

Not only that: You beat everyone over the head with your supposed facts and dictionary definitions, but for all your self-professed truths, your points are only ever formed on your own emotions. Your perceptions. Your deep-seated fears, and your insecurities. Who the ■■■■ wants to waste precious breath arguing against those?

Because honey, it’s hilarious. You should see the way people cringe at the idea of engaging you on any topic. At the idea of being in public with you, in a room with you, having to listen to your diatribes in person or via fluid routers. People from all walks of life. Capsuleers, baseliners. Republic, Empire, Fed, State, Anoikis. Loyalists and independents. I can’t think of a single faction where I don’t know someone who thinks you’re a blight on the cluster.

What’s it like to be one of the few things the IGS can agree on?

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I mean, looking through everyone’s individual IGS statistics, Arrendis also appears in more people’s “most liked” category than anybody else.

While post volume certainly plays a role in that, it still wouldn’t happen if she didn’t say things people read and agreed with.

I’m also not sure that there’s anyone who is universally liked by all members of any faction, to go on a previously made point.

Basically all of us have people who hate us. It comes with the territory and I don’t really think she has many more than most other frequent posters.

And I can see yours up Arsia’s.


Unless you want us to take it into consideration when we’re deciding how credible you are. You can’t have it both ways. If we’re supposed to be factoring it in, well, that makes it our business.

Do you really think for even one moment that I’m not aware of how people view me?

I don’t care how people view me. I am who I am, and why should I give a damn about anyone else’s opinion?


Pretty damned meaningless. Again: Why should I give a damn about anyone else’s opinion?

Here, Mel, lemme make this abundantly clear to you:

I’m a Goon. Worse, I’m a Goonswarm Director. You get upset about people on the IGS not liking you? I have tens of thousands of capsuleers who hate my guts without ever having talked to me, listened to me, or otherwise encountered me in any way. People who will insist to their dying breath that I should be drawn and quartered and killed in the most painful ways imaginable just for existing. I’ve had people who are a lot more knowledgeable and experienced than you single me out and call me a cancer on humanity that is personally responsible for unfathomable degradation in the state of the human race throughout the cluster.

If I was as hung up on how people see me as you are, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. I wouldn’t be able to breathe. I’d be too busy having anxiety attacks. So really, if ‘but people don’t like you’ is the best you’ve got? Bring it, honey, because I live with more targets on my back every day than you can even comprehend.

For the record, I ussually do read and engage with Arrendis.

I’d get involved in this mess but I’m still crippled and having a panic attack because Mel called me basic in another thread. I take offense to that because everyone knows I’m acidic. :laughing:

Pro tip Mel: Lighten up. Not everyone hates you. I certainly don’t and for the record agree with many positions that you espouse (including protecting innocent civilian populations from war atrocities). But, come on, why do you care what I or anyone else thinks of you? If you know in your heart that your position is just it shouldn’t matter.


Is there something wrong with wanting to be accepted by others?

Captain Rhiannon in particular is a sore point for Melisma. She’s looked up to that woman for years.