Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Congratulating a heretic for service against Holy Amarr, and being flippant about scripture; is there a punchline coming to make humour of it?


I mean, you did post.

That didn’t take long at all.


I think the distinction is better expressed as those who decide to be insulted, vs those who give such things no power over them. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Some are more guarded. You, Aldrith Shutaq, wear your insecurities like a massive concrete placard slung about your neck, dragging you down even as they call attention to themselves for everyone to see.

You used to be better than this.


I don’t think he has, but it’s clear from this that EDENCOM have not.
What would you say your MO is, kyber?


I’d like to take a moment to revisit this and retract my accusation of intentional bad faith engagement on your part, whilst nevertheless retaining quite strongly the belief that your approach to dealing with those critical of either your organisation or its members is, at best, extremely flawed and built upon a highly inadequate set of underlying morals.

To clarify, I am not retracting my views on the pilot that started the original thread, nor my views on the intentions of said thread. I continue to believe that your initial response twisted the nature of what I had said into something misleading and thus was counter-productive. I do, however, accept that my deeply-held personal disliking for the individual behind the initial discussion led me to react in an overly aggravated way and could have been handled in a substantially more productive manner than it was.

I still have many reservations about you, Rhiannon, not to mention the self-proclaimed Republic occupying the Rebel Provinces that you serve, but I do accept that both you and that entity have at least shown some modicum of willingness to cooperate on matters where the greater good of such cooperation was correctly understood. I will even say that it would be nice if we could one day communicate more effectively, though I fear such a time may still be a long way off. Regardless, I do not believe accusations of bad faith to be prudent.

Naturally, I trust you’ll understand that the party is not something I can countenance attending. Not merely because of my personal feelings towards the person behind it, but because I do not believe it possible for me to attend any event forbidding proselytizing the true faith when such proselytization is an intrinsic, intractable part of who I am.

I hope this adequately clarifies my views on these matters.


Well, well, well, well, well!

Would you look at that.


You should never not have reservations about me, Amicia Cora, and I commend your self-awareness that you should stay away from places that forbid proselytization when it is inherent to your very spirit. Retractment acknowledged and no harm done.


The one recognized by the Empire when the Emperor himself invited them to join CONCORD, an organization whose leadership are all representatives of sovereign states.


Amarr has both worked with the Minmatar Government as part of CONCORD and refused to accept that they are the legitimate government of the Rebel Provinces.

Diplomatic niceties get convoluted like that.


Ah yes, I’ve been caught. You’ve seen through the disguise of the confessor hull to the Triglavian engineering underneath, carrying a cargohold full of… whatever Kybernauts carry.

Brave Collective ran a lot through Keberz while we were still in Catch, and before Simple Farmers took control of the HED-GP pipe. Commercial and military ships and fleets.

Some of those fleets were composed of Triglavian vessels. Vessels of which I have been quite open about flying and being skilled with. They are useful weapons, to the point that the four inner powers has reverse engineered at least one of the vessels each.

I’m sure you would never lower yourself as to enter such a backwater system, Lady Yassavi, so the confusion is understandable. If I may enlighten you, there is not much to do for baseliners stationed in such a place. When you’re sitting in a command in such a system, already going stir crazy, it’s easy to put a few names on a list here and there- no one’s really checking anyway- and feel a little better as you see a few ships get blown up now and then and not getting chewed out over it by people who actually matter.

Bureaucratic errors have not stopped Brave Collective from serving the Empire on multiple occasions. Though I was not present for it, I understand they fought for EDENCOM during the battle of Niarja. And I myself remain, as always, a servant of Amarr.


Posturing and saber-rattling are fine tools for PR, Gaven, but since the Amarr proposed CONCORD with that inclusion, and extended official diplomatic welcome to Shakor as recently as the current Empress’ coronation, I think I’d have to say the actual policy decisions give lie to that same posturing.

The other actual policy decisions in which the Empress gave Sarum and Ardishapur official authority over the Rebel Provinces would suggest otherwise.

Both the statement that Amarr actively works with and maintains relations with the Minmatar Republic through CONCORD and the statement that Amarr does not recognise the Minmatar Republic’s right to exist are true, at the same time.


That sure is a lot of errors.
All of these are after joining LUMEN too.
Have you considered not lying?

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This bickering is pathetic and pointless.

Lady Saronu, Triglavian lackies, my actions do not need defending by anyone but myself, in a manner that addresses the matter directly and not the character of the ones levelling accusations at me.

I grow tired when every demonstration of my position is undermined by empty words that miss the point of the deeds. So please, do give it a rest.


No offense, Lord Newelle, but I do not believe this has anything to do with defending you, more so pointing out the hypocrisy infesting LUMEN’s ranks.

I believe you are quite able to defend yourself.

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Do you not understand how IFF systems work? Do you think that the entirety of Brave Collective was flagged by EDENCOM or that my name was magically removed from a list because I was in one group and moved to a different group.

My CONCORD record still says that I attended the Republic Military School. While I was a slave. I never would have guessed their inter-cultural exchange program was so open minded before I was a part of it.

But, since we’re sharing stories, I can at least tell you some that are true!
-The time I fought a griffon 1v1 in a fast tackle fit Malediction. The rest of my fleet was landing on grid as I had it almost in hull and I was yelling “Don’t engage, I’ve got this!”
-The time I was very confused as to why ammo hadn’t been loaded into my cargo bay as I’d requested, and did not realize until I was in the abyss it was because I hadn’t actually requested the hull be fit at all.
-When I obliterated Lord Onzo-Gallius, who was my Master at the time, because he picked the wrong side in a meme war.
-Brave’s final push into 1DQ, just after declaring surrender.
-Doing my part to defend Flosewin! His tech 1 combat drones almost had me at 80% shield :open_mouth:

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Pilots are flagged by EDENCOM on an individual basis. The fact that you are being engaged by EDENCOM as early as a month ago, something that they would only do if you have been attacking them first, speaks for itself.

I am not sure why you saw fit to add… everything else you did in that post, was that supposed to divert attention away from your infractions against EDENCOM?

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something that they would only do if you have been attacking them first

Yes, that is absolutely how those towers work. I engaged them in combat out of a suicidal instinct to… um… do whatever Kybernauts do.

I am a spy and I have been caught, but I thought we were friends, Remilia? Why would you reveal my carefully crafted cover on a public forum? Zorya Triglav still hasn’t SRPed me for those confessors!

The RMS did not prepare me for this.


Not a spy, simply a hypocrite.

We are not friends.

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