Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I had a nightmare in which I had to give a speech at the University while dressed only in the ridiculous corset and stockings that I bought when I was a rebellious teenager. Black lipstick and black ribbons in my hair as well.

I was so edgy back then.

I can relate to this I had a dream where I was a train conductor, it was all normal, walking down the train checking tickets, but I started to notice that the train never stopped, but what annoyed me was where in the cluster were these people getting the new tickets from? Everytime i passed they had a new unholopunched ticket.

That had me waking up in a cold sweat for a week.

This is actually not a bad idea Doctor! Although it would tempt me to make several mistakes on purpose.

One of the first things they teach you if you express an interest in the Cult of the Lash, as I did when I was a rebellious teenager, is that one should not judge or otherwise kinkshame people.

First of all, what is a kinshame?
And second, why not judging? Judging peers for joining something called as a “cult” or otherwise sub-standard or awkward behavior is one of pillars of healthy self-regulating society.

I cannot, obviously, speak for Lord Consort Newelle, but like the Vanguard, my own order chose to ally with the most militarily successful capsuleer administered organisation to have served in the 24th Crusade.

While I consider it unfortunate that Divine Commodore Vektor does not yet share my own, and Lord Consort Newelle’s severe misgivings concerning certain elements of the alliance; withstanding the presence of those elements, however circumspectly in the framework of a paramilitary organisation with a well-established record of service to the crusade, is not so similar to collaboration with paramilitaries who have been so open in their hostility against Holy Amarr, that I would have expected much clarification of the difference to be required.

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Inquiring minds want to know more. Please elaborate.

Is this lash as in, lashings. Or lash as in eye-lashes?

I mean, both sound pretty fetishy.

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Lash as in lashings. You know, punishing the sinners, that sort of thing.

All good fun.

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I’m going to let @Arrendis handle the first question about what kinkshaming is.

And the second question is more about not judging until the facts are known. Prejudice if you will. That kind of thing is not good.

I was asking seriously, and I’d prefer to not being redirected to known clowns and forum trolls who can’t even connect two ends together!

With the same effect you could have asked a pet furrier to explain how to solve differential equations.


“Kinkshaming” is the practice of shaming, embarrassing, or otherwise attacking people with the peculiar things they may find sexually appealing and/or gratifying. As far as I can gather it’s socially disfavored because nearly everyone has some quirk in this area, over which they have little control. It’s considered a form of “low blow.”

It usually doesn’t apply to shaming someone who has particularly damaging “tastes,” such as pedophilia, particularly when acted on.

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Well, in this case actually it sounds as a rather good and merited activity, for every sort of public or social display of sexually appealing or garifying things is embarassing, shameful by itself and generally a very strict taboo.

It’s a weird sounding word, I have to say, but I believe that thorough… kinkshaming… can keep the society pure and clean from all sort of indecency by self-regulation.

Sorry, I’ve got dippy there blocked.

It’s unrelated to the public or social display of the “kink,” Ms. Kim. It’s focused on possessing the “kink” in the first place, including when strictly private.

Making fun of people for being strongly and specifically attracted to Caldari national heroes would be an example.

As understated ways of informing a Caldari patriot with strong traditional values that they are the central object of worship for a large number of Gallente bondage and domination cults… this does have to be ranked highly.

As President of the Federation, rest assured Diana sweetie, I will get the bottom of whoever is responsible for proliferating said cults.

In order to shame this… (Why “kink” by the way? This indecent activity.) it his indecent activity shall be known first. For if it is Unknown, then it is Slander and Defamation, which is a Criminal Offense against a Citizen.

Making fun for attraction to national heroes is Anti-Caldari Activity, can be considered as Gallente Propaganda or outright Treason.

Though if the Citizen does some indecency in regard of National heroes, they should not only be ashamed and embarassed for that, but even Imprisoned for Defaming names of National Heroes with their indecent (or, if you like, kinkizing) ideas!

No kinkizing Caldari National Heroes shall be allowed!

Indeed. On a completely unrelated note darling, what is your boot size?

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Not sure if it’s any direct measurement of anything, just… somewhat standard size where they make the boots. They do have some tables of measurements. But standard issue boots I buy have this standard number.

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Well played.

I strongly advise against buying me any boots, as it is highly unlikely I will wear anything besides my standard issue footwear.