Omega without IRL-Money

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Begging as a first post, lol. You’re not long for this game, friendo. You’ll have better luck in Jita.

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Work at McDonald’s for 2 hours a month and pay for it… If you play to PLEX you will be working a fulltime job and you will only be working so you can keep working that fulltime job. You will never actually PLAY the game if you play to PLEX.

I’ll send you some isk.

Just so I know you’re for real, send me any amount and I’ll send you double back within 12 hours!


Well… Unlike many others this one does something to get ISK instead of whining that Omega is too expensive.


While that is true, isn’t begging a violation of forum rules?



Let me get my pitchfork sales wagon out.

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Have you tried going house to house and offering services…


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