Only Jita traders can use the app for trading?

Back after a few years, thought I’d try out the mobile app. Seems good for the most part, but market access is just to and from Jita? Kind of sad face about that, because I’m pretty far from Jita.

You can only trade PLEX and those can be moved around the universe with the PLEX hanger. You aren’t missing out on anything.

And skill extractors and large/small/alpha skill injectors :v:


Can injectors and extractors be moved around like PLEX?

you do not need to move it. you can extract remote and consume remote like skins and PLEX.

The great thing about extracting is that the injector is created where your extractor is located. so you can use alt to buy an extractor in Perimeter, send it by contract to your alt in the WH, and extract sp there which appears as an injector in Perimeter.

Replace Perimeter with Jita and you can do everything except extract via app.