Operation Epiphany - Zarzakh - Deathless Circle

As if only Hollywood has budget and fx teams.
Would be kind of hard to come up with a scenario or actors as both are on strike right now.
But if you want them to spend a billion dollars on a flop, that’s okay by me. At least I could always laugh at it. We do need good comedies.

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Their budget and sfx aren’t the issue, it’s their shitty writing. There’s only been a handful of movies in the past 10-15 years that have been worth anything. The writers strike can go on forever for all I care, they suck at their jobs.


I agree. I only have time to play on the weekends. The beginning of this event was way too brief.

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It’s a narrative event to drives the story forward. It’s not really something that’s meant for players to milk dry the way most games do lore stuff.

The fact that we got a special trailer for it was a bit weird, but it does seem like they’re trying to some new things with their narrative driven content.

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In my opinion this event was poorly thought out and badly implemented, especially since it was completed within a few days. Not to mention no Log-in rewards either. Hell, CCP obviously spent more time and resources to make that trailer than to code this event.

And with this being Eve Online 20th Anniversary year, I would think they’d go all out on in-game events. Unfortunately, everything that’s been implemented so far this year has been low quality and sub-par compared to all other past events.

My faith and hope in Eve’s future is definitely low…

Anyway, post #100… \o/


I don’t want to point fingers at anybody …but looking closely (code-wise) at what has been added in the patch, can give a tremendous head start in such hunt for data fragments. If one knows exactly what to look for and how many pieces, you can stop looking for more immediately and go to the number crunching phase.

I think the information regarding version diffs shouldn’t be freely available and datamining EVE client files should be made impossible :thinking:

I bet without this low-level input the event would take longer to complete. How could you otherwise tell upstart there is 30 jove navigators to collect and 38 deathless circle corrupted data files to match to piece this all together in four days?

An example of what can you get looking at the version diffs without even starting the game client:

Description: Encoded with identifiers of the elusive “Deathless Circle”, this fragmentary data has been recovered from a pirate commander’s ship communications storage buffer, a device typically used to hold data relayed to and from a spaceship and remote locations via secured fluid router networks. Valuable data provided by the network of smugglers, mercenaries and criminals set up by “The Deathless” has been rumored to be spreading through the Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates organizations in the months since the Turnur Incident.

So you now know what to hunt for (pirate commanders ship) and where (Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates organizations, and possibly Turnur system - one gate is exactly there)

You can even read instruction (sort of) of what to do with it when you get it:

This standardized data storage device is heavily corrupted but some fragmentary data remains accessible.

With just the right approach it may be possible to decode what remains and access a coherent data stream. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and see if something clicks.

I wonder why CSM is not making any fuss abut it :thinking:

So what? You went to a 3rd party source to know how many items to look for and where.

Still doesn’t negate my reply to this thread which I stand by 100%…

Remember that Death-whatever was first mentioned about a year ago in a Scope video where he hacked into a Concord presentation and said among other things to come join him. So this must have been in the planning for awhile.

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It was at fanfest last year. CCP no doubt has more planned for this year’s fanfest. Which means they can’t have an event that goes on forever like the shadow war did since fanfast is right around the corner…

Being the 20th anniversary they had better have some grand stuff to present!


i mean specifically relating to the deathless storyline.

seems like this has peated out. the event is still on going but as the ISK reward vanished with the gates no one cares about finding the hub.

New stuff from the Deathless this patch.

Star System description:

Zarzakh is a system cloaked in the dust, gas and assorted other bits of matter that are being drawn towards the black hole known as “Point of No Return” to most of New Eden, and “Duzna Kah” to the Amarr. The location of Zarzakh places it deep in the void of Divinity’s Edge, or “Yasna Zakh”, and somewhat notably essentially at the center of the New Eden cluster by virtue of the astronomical co-ordinate system used by CONCORD. Given this system was proposed by the Jove in the early days of CONCORD, it is suggestive that the dominating features of Zarzakh are the ancient Jovian gates and the ancient Jovian outpost known as “The Fulcrum”.

Zarzakh’s star has been gravitationally captured by a black hole and is slowly orbiting closer and closer to its eventual merger with the mass singularity. This event will take place many years in the future but the effects of orbiting in the relatively near vicinity of a black hole are already being felt in the form of intense and volatile gravitational tidal forces exerted by the singularity. As the star is within the outer edges of the matter accretion disc of the black hole, the instability is further contributed to by the fluctuations in mass density within the cloud. The local system environment here is harsh and unforgiving to say the least.

Concord seems to have a very interesting astronomical coordinates system if Zarzakh is “in the center of the cluster”. North-South works more or less, but East-West is definitely far off center. Could that mean that there are more regions of space east of Cache/Drone Lands proper?

Yasna Zakh region description:

Centuries ago a major void between the stars of the New Eden cluster was discovered by Amarr explorers pursuing the cause of their Empire’s expansion through the cluster. This void was named “Yasna Zakh”, meaning “Edge of Devotion”, to express the idea that this was created by God as a limit on the reach of the Amarr’s own drive to to “reclaim” the stars. Over time, the meaning shifted and this gap is usually known as “Divinity’s Edge” in common parlance.

For many years the Yasna Zakh void was thought to mark the edge of the cluster but was eventually recognised as a major feature of the internal structure of New Eden, effectively bisecting the cluster almost in half. The major passage through the Providence and Catch regions to the eastern cluster is conventionally credited to later Amarr explorers but a number of the routes, and in particular the narrow bridge between Molden Heath and the Great Wildlands are thought to be the discoveries of Thukker Tribe nomads and other Minmatar.

Latterly, the rediscovery of the star system Zarzakh orbiting close by the small black hole known as “Point of No Return” has renewed interest in this desolate region of space. The Amarr name for the black hole is “Duzna Kah”, meaning “Fallen Beyond Hope”, and this terminology appears to be used by the controlling Deathless Circle. Given the notable antipathy of the Deathless to the Amarr and their religion, this may be a mockingly ironic choice on the part of the enigmatic leader of the Circle.


FACTS! It’s crazy that movies from late 90s to early 2000s seems to be the peak, generally speaking. The writing has been atrocious for the last decade plus… and they just don’t seem to have any common sense.

In the dexter reboot… the sister was shot in the side, and when they removed the bullet from her, they took out the shell casing… it was hard to believe


there’s also this:

It’s pretty interesting to note those are extremely long range gates compared to what we’re normally used to.


If you look at the fringes of the cluster, you see some very long range gates (notably between Perrigan Falls and Venal and Outer Passage and Tenal, which fly over the entirety of Jove space), but with one exception (the huge constellation jump in Fountain), they are all Regional gates. They are not completely out of the ordinary and have become ever more common-place in recent times (the connections in Poochven also cover quite the distances). The cluster becomes more and more chaotic with the increasing number of criss-crossing gates.

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The Pochven gates don’t really count, since it’s not empire tech, and it’s in abyssal space. Those systems might even be physically closer to each other where they currently are, than when they were in normal space.

You do make a good point about the gate connection that travels through Jove space though.

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This video looked neat, but afterwards I went to one of the gates and found it “disrupted”, whatever that means. So from the video I assumed some players had already found their way in, but apparently not? Kind of confusing.

Can the jovian gate be targeted now?

The gates aren’t online yet, nobody has been inside yet but you can look up the station on the starmap