Operation Epiphany - Zarzakh - Deathless Circle

Who says they are gates anyway. How do they know? Things are not always as they seem. They could be weapons for all we know. How do we even know its “Jovian”?

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Just gonna leave this here

The data fragments have clues talking about the Tyrant uniting people, which is a reference to Jovian lore


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The scope video suggested deathless had control of the gates. So maybe it’s the rise of a pirate “empire” faction players can join, just like they can join the other empires in fw.

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CCP recently said so in a Scope video. There they also said that every party who discovered a gate first, would get 50B.


Similar sentiments, great idea for an event, over too soon. I’m sure plenty of man-hours went into it by a lot of smart people, but perhaps sometimes time-gating is a necessary evil. More to come, I’m sure.

I’m kind of cursing that last Symbolic Navigator which took me as long to get as the first 29 wasn’t even part of the solution! Nifty trinkets to hold onto, hopefully they remain functional for future player driven treasure hunts. Maybe we’re not finished with them, yet.

Went for a visit to one of the gates, and my potato just about cooked! Can we respect minimum graphics settings in the environments, please? (I was there to check if the solar system perspective matched the system video, not to see the actual gate)

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Does this clip from CONCORD billboard looks familiar (Pochven event maybe) or is it something new?

I’ve found it in EVE client entrails while toying with TriExporter

client file .\SharedCache\ResFiles\54\54024979f22e289b_81c366d9a702aad6e8e91931acc53c96
path shown in the TriExporter is res:/video/billboards/takeover/eve_concord_billboard_takeover.webm

Also FYI, I’ve found the info the jove navigators from observatories has been removed (lookup Removed items section)
Apparently there were 30 of them :open_mouth:

I wonder if digging into this client files and consulting them with that hoboleaks diff feature could give total insight into that Epiphany thing without ever undocking
This would then be reduced to PvC (or Player vs Code) …and cashing 50B for it. :confused:

So, the event is over?

Yes, the first portion is anyway. Obviously there will be more to come. we’ve got 4 gates… with a potential controlling gate. obviously they go somewhere… which will probably be something that happens when the next expansion drops.


This billboard is from Triglavian last phase (Pochven forming).


Where are the gates located? I’ve gone to one of those systems and I can’t find one.



copy this to your in-game notepad


Worked like a charm, thanks!

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Is this part of Operation Epiphany?

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Nope, that’s been around, not sure if it’s Outer Ring or Cloud Ring


The cloud ring? No that’s been around forever. If you travel around the systems there you can find your way into the centre. It doesn’t do anything, it’s just cool.

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Has anybody tried using entosis links on those gates?


CCP should not rely on events to drive player retenttion. They end quickly, and are not interesting to 90% of the player base imo.


I now know it can’t be targeted so no.

Also has anybody had issue with the gates not decloaking? Very strange, I was next to other pilot who saw it and I couldn’t at the same time


I really liked the promo video for the event. “The Invitation”.

The opening scene with the Blackbird docking really puts the size of ships into perspective, something often lost I think in the game.

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Just keep Amazon away from it… and Disney+… oh and Netflix. Matter of fact, keep Hollywood away from it. Independent producers only.