Option needed so that Overview tabs keep their own sort and scroll settings

I really like Eve Online but there are a few issues with how things work that really irritate me and make my game play experience significantly worse (more tedious). The biggest issue for me is when I am using the Overview and switch between tabs. For instance, if I am mining and I am using the General tab (sorted by Distance…low to high) and then decide to switch over to the Mining tab (and sort by Type so that I can find a specific type of asteroid to mine), when I switch back to the General tab the sorting has changed in the General tab from Distance to Type as well. I then have to re-sort the General tab because I want the General tab left sorted by Distance. And if I happen to scroll down while on the Mining tab (which I usually do), when I switch back to the General tab, the scrolling has also been applied there, so I have to scroll back up because I want the General tab left scrolled at the top (so I can see anything that has warped into the area). Having to do these two extra steps every time I switch tabs is just ridiculous. It makes keeping track of other players and rats jumping into the system near me more difficult. The tabs should keep their own sort and scroll settings or there should be an option to allow this. Does anyone else have these issues? I really think this would be a qualify of life improvement. Thx


You can post your (QoL) here: Quality of Life thread

I think you just need to spend some time sorting out what’s going to appear in each Overview tab so that you’re not sifting through so much that you can’t see anything. Keep gates, but for PvE it would be Ships, Wrecks and Large Collidable objects. PvP would be warpouts, gates, and ships. Mining would be ships and asteroids, etc.

I get what you’re saying but the overview is highly customizable and chances are you’ve got a lot of information on there that you’ll never need

Unfortunately sorting things doesn’t solve the issue here. On a combat related tab you probably want distance to be things ordered by, while during mining you want either name or type to find what you want faster. Unless you make a tab for each kind of asteroid you used to mine of course.

I agree with the OP, though I thought we have this function, just - like many other semi-crucial information - is hidden somewhere for no reason.

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