Ore belts 0 sec

Why are ore belts not respawning in 0 sec 5 downtimes without ore. how are we supposed to get industry index up no response on ticket or anything are you gonna fix it or not?

I assume that you are trying to say that there are nullsec systems that aren’t spawning any belts at all, even after multiple downtimes. If so, that sucks. Are you sure that other TZ’s aren’t completely mining the belts out before you get to them?

Anyway, I’ve heard of systems losing their ice belts, but people don’t know if that was intentional or not. Don’t know if systems losing their ore belts was intentional or not. You might consider filing a bug report just in case it isn’t intentional.

I came here in search of this answer as well.

High Sec - seems like every belt you warp to has asteroids.

Low/NPC Null sec? doesnt matter which system, no asteroids to be found in any belt. Can’t speak for sov.

I have an alt in Curse, lowest system there is -0.3 as far as i know, i checked my home system that is -0.2 and the none of the 22 belts had any ore at all.

And that was 8 minutes after DT and i saw rats but only the combat type no mining stuff.

Great Wildlands was same in the systems i looked at random belts above -0.5 nothing, in a -0.7 and below i found 6-10 Crokite rocks of varying type, not exactly making industry viable, and hauling or buying it on markets down there will be expensive i bet.

Heimatar Low sec has ore but belts are roughly 50% of the old size.

Depending on how ore from “rng basket” is distributed. For example if there is pool of ore per constellation, region, whole null, whatever… It makes sense that when you remove 90% of available ore from pool, there is not enough ore left for all belts.

Anyway, what I’m trying to point out is that probably most people here completely forgot or missed part about quantity of ore in null belts in dev blog.

No we didn’t. As you say, it’s got everything to do with distribution of the remaining ores. I don’t know what CCP is doing, if there’s not enough ore for the nulsec alliances to get their nulsec-exclusive minerals, what’s let for industrialists in high/low sec? How are they gonna procure those ores for building? Obviously the nulselc blocks are not going to part with them when there’s such scarcity.

The first row in that list shows all the ore i had in Curse and that is now gone, Bistot, Arkonor, Mercoxit was never in Curse to begin with unless we talk about Anoms.