Outing corp thief: Vinnegar Douche - Lucretia Boirelle - Wolfgang Ritterkreuz

Just a heads up for the next corp that might consider recruiting this guy.
Here are his known alts:
Vinnegar Douche
Lucretia Boirelle
Wolfgang Ritterkreuz

He was given director roles as one of the first guys to join my corp. We had some loot and ships for the new guys and he just couldn’t resist a piddly 4-5B.

The evidence you present here is absolutely stunning.

I have another theory. You are in fact an alt of Nitshe, once again planing to tarnish the good names of this innocent citizens, Vinnegar Douche, Lucretia Boirelle and Wolfgang Ritterkreuz, who have done nothing wrong!

It seems absolutely clear that this is once again an evil plot to distract from your own evil doings Nitshe! Admit it, you stole those 4-5B yourself!

I hereby call our chief justice and judge of C&P the honored @Noragen_Neirfallas, if he still is around and hasn’t biomassed, to consider the irrefutable evidence and reasoning I presented and judge on the matter.


*sits down in the audience area*



I’d like to hear from the accused @Wolfgang_Ritterkreuz or either of his supposed alts Vinnegar Douche and Lucretia Boirelle. It seems pretty unfair to me that someone is coming into the finest of sub forums and accusing somebody without presenting any evidence however there is a chance that it may not be completely unfounded. After all Nitshe has been absent some time.

Does @primary_Meldamiriel have any evidence to present?


How can you steal a corp if it doesn’t fit in your ship’s cargo hold? :thinking:



I’ve seen no proof of the allegation. Case dismissed!


If he had access to them, its not stealing.

I have access to my bank account, its not stealing if i withdraw money from it.

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Found your problem.