Paused [WTB] 10 Characters

the unallocated counts as sp. they are not extra

They aren’t included in the buyout calculation since they can’t be extracted, Look at the ? mark by Skill points.

Are you still interested in buying?
I’m will pay transfer fee

give me 10 min for creation of new acc

isk and info sent

OK all done transfer in progress

transfer by payment from a visa debit

i have got scammed by Kellstruag ChaosMiner

he extracted all skillpoints and is away with isk, have to wait until @CCP_Falcon give isk back.

oh don’t worry youll get your isk mate I don’t know why people try and scam through the character bazaar stupid just get banned for having few billion In your wallet for 24 hours let me know when your ready to trade no rush bud

@Kristina_Akachi i got the isk back, you still interested?

Any interest in this guy?

I will drop corp and jump to hi-sec if so.

10b, will you trasnfer via $?

Yes, will use $

isk and info sent thx

Transfer done, thx