(Pending Sale) 41m SP Minmatar/Gallente Marauder Pilot

(Daedrokh Baruk) #1

Hi selling

Password: juliet (if that doesn’t work try Juliet) ( I forget sorry)

Armor Comps V

Sentry Drone V
Drone Avionics V
Heavy,light,med,sentry Drone V

Cap/PG/CPU/ Weapon upgrades V

Large Hybrid, Large Projectile V

Prot Subsystems V

Some basic mining skills

456,000 Unallocated

Zero wallet, some random assets around all jump clones in High including High grades Slaves without Omega in JIta and Improved skills implants installed in current cloan.

4.9 security status, +6.54 with Gallente for PVE not disliked enough by any factiosn to get shot at.

40b b/o

Taking Offers

(frech d4chs) #2

32b b/o

(Daedrokh Baruk) #3

35b and we can start the transfer as soon as you send it

(Daedrokh Baruk) #4

daily bump / price drop will take 35 bil b/o

WTB rattlesnake starter pilot
(Yarethan) #5

Buyout 35 bil. I will mail you in game.



(Daedrokh Baruk) #6

35B accepted will start transfer within 24hrs of receiving money.( right away if i’m online)

(Yarethan) #7

Isk transfered and mail sent with account info.



(Daedrokh Baruk) #8

money received however I’m having an issue with the account and have contacted customer support.

Money was returned for now

(Yarethan) #9

If you have any luck and are able to do the transfer then please let me know asap.



(Anakin Olacar) #10

I told you 2 days ago that i buy it

(Anakin Olacar) #11

On the wtb rattle post you posted your char there

(Daedrokh Baruk) #12

you made me an ingame offer and requested i remove skills which i cant’ do once posted here per ccp.

also as you can see i’ve run into an issue trying to transfer it