PI could use some love

Hi there,

As all know, setting up PI is a real drag. For the setup I love to use it takes me sometimes quite a few hours. So when I have to move to a new system sometimes I drag on setting up my PI over a few days, each day I setup a planet and I fully line it up.

Each time I have to move my setup, it takes me longer and longer to go into PI. It’s not just the time it takes to set it up but also the time to calculate and refuel the storages and the launch pads.

So here I am asking CCP if it wouldn’t be possible to save you schematics and in the eventuality you have to close down your production and move on the greener pasture you dont have to draw everything from zero.
You just load the schematic and everything is a go.

For anyone curious, my setup looks something like this:

It goes from T0 to T4 and making sure that each factory receives it’s fair share of materials is a lot of effort. I calculated that for one planet I require a good 1 hour.

It would be also nice to increase the size of the storage/launch pad so we dont have to break up the materials to feed the production lines.

What do you think, would schematics be a welcomed feature or it’s just an I win button for EVE?!

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