Pilot With Experience looking for Corp

Hi there guys, i’ve almost 1 Year of gametime on Eve and i’m currently returning to EVE after a stop to play something else. My Game has been a bit discontinue and i have only 5M Skill points becose i never got Omega till today… I would like a Corp with people that Talk in chat and do things togheter… I’m a Jack of all trades and master of none so i can do almost Everything just not at 100% efficency. What i usally do in the Game is mining to earn some ISK to buy Big Ship for some PVE ( i can also PvP but i think i lost every ship i did PvP with). I lived in Null sec for a while and i know how works out there but i’m not Fond of Whormhole and Places with no market at all becose my Skill at creating things sucks and i don’t still understand at all how it works :smiley: … If you think you can Satisfy this request fell free to contact me Here or in Game Bye

Hey there, I have sent you a piece of ingame mail with some info. Hopefully it is what you are looking for mate.

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