still looking

Hi @Saska_Dax - you replied to my recruitment thread I will mail you in game from my main.

yea sure np

and again

bump bumpy bump

still looking to expand

Hi! I send mail ingame but we always miss each other sadly. :frowning:

yea it seems so ive tied a few times ill keep on trying


bump bump

Im interested! Where do i reach out?

I’m guessing EU TZ is a channel? Not to sound like I am completely clueless here. Trying to understand the goal and what you seek here, because I am also looking around for good PvE Industrial focused corps that are not surrounded by war decks and have good guaranteed backing.

EU TZ = Europe Time Zone

Ah well that’s not a problem to those of us who live in the city that never sleeps. (wink)

still looking

still lookin

still here

looking still we are

You interested in short term gamer?

He if you still are looking I’m online in about 30 min every day around 20.00 till 22.00 eu tz so leave me a message with stuff you wanna know or start a in game chat

Grtzzz mc fish

catch me up we can have a chat