(POCHVEN) The morgue. - NO BLUE DOUGHNUT - 100% Independent pvp alliance looking for similar minded corps and pilots

we are still open for new family members

want a simple game experience then make sure to speak to us

we operate from pochven and venal.

we are looking for similar minded pilots

we are still looking for new members

looking for a new home

check us out

want a good challange and be part of our humble alliance let me know

Bumptydoo !!!

Hello there.

CEO of a french corporation member of the alliance for several months, I confirm that :

  • The atmosphere is good, no drama, no politics, no one disrespects each other.
  • The fleets are regular and FCs are understanding and competent.
  • The alliance evolves in an environment offering plenty of pvp opportunities (Venal and Pochven).
  • Our staging home in Venal allows us to meet financial needs thanks to the guristas burners, exploration etc.

In short, if you want a good challenge (and the best alliance logo !), join The Morgue.