We are still looking for pilots that wants a way simpler and relaxed game expirence

We are still open for new family members

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Im looking at a few corps at the mo. I’ll send you a message in game if i get round to it :slight_smile:

We are still open

if you are looking to be independent and keep your eve experience as simpe and relaxed as possible.

we are it:)

Great group of people, happy I joined them!

still looking for the right type of pilots

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Our corp is celebrating 17 years this Sunday, dec 26th. To celebrate we will do a public fleet out of jita.

Feel free to join us and have fun for a few hours killing space ships.

For more info about how to join just read our reddit post below

We are still open for new members.

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we are still open for new pilots that want to be part of our independent playstyle

check us out lads. maybe we are what you are looking for


Check us out.

still open for the right type of pilots

We are still on

Up for a good challenge

Check us out

We are still on