Portal crashing on load with Samsung S21 Ultra Android

Never had any problems with the app before but since Tuesday sometime on my Samsung android S21 it seems to be crashing at the loading data screen.

Is anyone else experiencing problems or is this something that is local to my specific situation.


I think that a Tmobile, Android or maybe Samsung update me be the cause of this. What carrier are those of you crashing using?

samsung galaxy note20ultra5G, loaded up eveportal just fine.

Was just fine until today, so now I have -P101001- error code

Samsung note 9

I’m also having the same problem since receiving an android system update yesterday.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on Verizon
Software version G998USQU4BUK9

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Same on ios iphone since today. server error or character error

I can also confirm an issue with the app. Error Code: P101301 when I log a char out and try to log back in. No other characters are updating.

The error also says “Failed to Download EULA”.

I am using the iOS version on an iPhone 12 Pro with a fully updated and current OS.

Having the same issue on iPhone 12. Worked last night but this morning getting the same errors as above

i got this error, after getting the EULA error as well.


Perhaps you’re holding it wrong?


Same Problem here…
Error P101301 when I try to authenticate my player. (EULA konnte nicht heruntergeladen werden). I am using Shift-Phone with Android in Switzerland (dunno if the country is relevant…)