Price change on steam monthly price for OMEGA

I can never understand some arguments, arguments like this.

Why on earth do players from poor countries and poor economies pick the most expensive subscription game to play?

Why the hell am I paying 3 times more than someone else from a different country?

There’s lots of people in the world these days screaming for more and more equality, but obviously paying the same for games isn’t included.

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Cost per account. Things have changed.

Paying the same is included as well as earning the same.

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Without that, we would have been even way farther than that. Our current Systems slows technological progress down.
Further we produce way to much and to unefficent.
Also 99% are working and are poor while 1% get’s richer without doing anything.
It’s like a body that became a victim to a parasite which is slowly killing it.

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Simple answer. Imagine:
Person A (Europe) pays 15€/M.
Person B (Russia) pays 15€/M.
Person C (China) pays 15€/M.

Guess! They are not paying the “same”.

Not quite, you are forgetting the taxes . Taxes here in Brazil are absurd, some products like electronics, have Cascade taxes that combined can reach 70%. So it can reach much more than 58 BRL

It’s more complex than that.

Let’s do an experiment:
Remove one of players. Look at 30€/M you have in company wallet and try to say which player you removed (one from Europe, one from Russia or one from China?).

Impossible, isn’t it? 15€/M is 15€/M no matter where it came from.

Now you can say that you are talking about spending and not about paying. This makes sense but you should consider that people are different. Even in the same country you have very different wealth. So even for two players from China the same 15€/M is completely different values.

You will talk about average salaries. But you should understand that since EvE is not average entertainment then it would be wrong to expect EvE players be equally spread over population thus making averaged salaries bad approximation to purchasing power of actual and potential players.

(huh, wall of text!)


Totally agree with you, being from South America that raise will be a hard hit, still wondering continue playing or not, cause alpha is meh , but 70% raise seems abusive to me

Wasn’t there cheaper sub option for russian players like forever?

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So it’s not just Brazil, they’ve also increased prices in some other countries. That sucks since fewer player means less content in the sandbox.

Hmmm. Now I’m debating if I should extend my sub another year while the prices are still low in my local currency. It would be a no brainier if I didn’t take long breaks every couple of months.

Welcome to equality plebs. You make the cut or not. Face facts CCP has monthly costs attributed to supplying your sub, it made no sense to run omega subs at a loss. CCP is operating at a below desired base line as evident of the redundancy off staff.

Alpha exists as a draw to omega that is all.

Im not normal tyvm.

I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but everyone should probably pay a flat rate. Otherwise, you get certain groups of players who use VPN’s and other tech shenanigans to subscribe their multibox army for way less than they should be paying. EVE is also a game, not a physical need like food and water. Eat out less, run fewer characters, or increase what you earn in-game and PLEX. Even in the US, I have to budget for all my accounts every month, and I’m by no means poor.

That’s just how life goes.


I have to congratulate the op on exposing so many entitled brats

A teenager from a ■■■■■■ up third world country playing eve is a good thing for everyone involved.

He doesnt deserve to be treated like a second class citizen.

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True - unless large numbers of players from rich countries are buying cheaper subscriptions via other countries. In that case, this could be a simple change to increase revenue and profit.

And the real cause would be “EVE players who care only for themselves”.

Hey. What hapened to steam prices in last few months? I i was considering back to EVE then noticed omega price almost 100% higher than last year. In Poland where average monthly salary is 2200pln, 60pln for one month omega is damn to high. CCP changed their financial politics or what? The best thing is that omega is cheaper in UK than PL where diference between earnings is around 400%…


topic already exists: Price change on steam monthly price for OMEGA

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Based on the exchange rate of US currency.

For me, as a Canadian, one month on steam is 19 dollars. Which is actually about a dollar less than the current exchange rate right now. So its about comparable.

PLN is preety much stable currency. it is clearly price rise.