【Price update 3.3T.Or use designated items to exchange】 Sell collection of a full set of Sasha【The complete list of items has been updated】

I went to the time to fit this into an appraisal so you all don’t have to figure out excel’s text-to-columns feature


Note that not all items are valued correctly, this just makes it a lot more readable.

Thank you for your help o7

According to the recent valuation report sent by several friends, The average value of several estimates is around 3.2t instead of 3.6t
So now update to 3.3t

Black Friday is a good opportunity,25% discount on plex purchase
It only costs 2.5tplex of money to get them

500b for the lot

Almost 800b discount.

You selling for 1.3t now?

I mean, if you buy plex with cash now, you can save 800b worth of cash.Because this week there is a discount for Black Friday.


how much for?

Buyer cannot complete payment
So, this deal is still open

List update!

Add items:

  1. Nightmare Copper Lightning SKIN 12

How much for a Sasha Victory Skin?

EDIT: Oh nvm I see you are just selling it in bulk.

If you change your mind and decide that you can sell one of the Victory skins by itself let me know =)

If I change my attention, I will contact you

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Transactions are not limited to using isk
The exchange of tems is acceptable

such as:Apocalypse Imperial Issue Raven State Issue

have to be aware of is the valuation standard is neither the selling price nor the buying price
Always use the middle price of the transaction!
I think this is fair to both parties in the transaction
So the price is changed from 3.6t to 3.3t