Project Discovery Level 3400 @ 99%


(Pearl Abyss Diver) #103


So extra entries above above what’s required for mastery rank five are being recorded, yet they don’t factor into the math for other exploration nodes?

(Markus Reinhart) #104

They used the wrong name for the game, should be called Severe Autism Online :slight_smile:

Project Discovery Data Bias
(Buoytender Bob) #105

Somewhere in space, Kepler dips a solar panel in salute.

(CCP Psych) #107

Yes that is correct!

(Aruar) #108

Project Discovery Level 3300 @ 99% accuracy.

(Sugar Smacks) #109


How about we make Project Discovery give you the same sample to do when you open it as when you close it. That way people actually have to do ALL the samples instead of the ones they just KNOW.

I would think this is cheating, and the fact EVERYONE is going on and on about their 99% sure is suspicious.

Sure you would think they would want a wide variety of results that are accurate instead of you doing the same ones over and over and skipping the hard ones.

What you don’t have 99%, then you obviously haven’t figured out that when you get a tough result to just close the application. O no now everyone will have 99%. At least I wont have to read any more congratulative bs anymore.

(Aruar) #110

Project Discovery level 3400 at 99% accuracy.