Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

its not a matter of whether a person can tolerate getting insta gibbed off the grid by flying into 50 enemies. Thats not going anywhere cause i dont foresee any reason why gate campers and other small/midsized gangs would stop doing their thing. The targets they most likely encounter will still be there. Its 5v5 in these arena things, Dont know if they are premade or purely random pilots who just get dumped in when all 10 slots fill. Better hope a random loner doesnt click their filament at the same time as your premade causing your 5th guy, the logi, to miss out!

People are comparing this to wow except in wow the instanced pvp is essrntially the only way of getting meaningfull rewards. You could grind players in the world but thats long slow and tedious. Eve pvp the reward for winning is you get the other guys stuff, or you capture a system etc. For those reasons alone eve pvp is still going to be primarily in space where pilots will keep randomly fighting and dying

Though i feel that the mercy idea at the end of these trig things should be dropped, dying should equal dying, let people think long and hard about risk vs reward lest they lose a billion isk clone

Um… Look above. It’s everything I want to say to you.

Number of lowsec solo and small gang kills during the event times. Compared to weekends without events. How many otherwise roaming streamers will instead stream the events. How many players, and in average how much time they spend during the events in the arenas.

If this feature is a big success, EvE outside of nullsec blocks is in big trouble. So we all should hope it keeps a niche activity.


Nothing wrong with that

LOL what a cop out… saying a lot of people wants this but has no data to back it up.

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Is this for real ?! :thinking: :woozy_face:

as much as many of us are impressed with these new models you have made as well as a much needed new game mechanic, MANY of my fellow pilots are very concerned that this will be detrimental to the game. If people are able to simply undock from jita and que for 1v1, 5v5, etc pvp content, we believe that it will directly result in far fewer people wandering around from system to system looking for content which is, in our opinion (in our alliance), what makes Eve…Eve. We are already facing noticeable smaller populations in our stomping grounds and are afraid that by allowing pvp to become on demand without having to leave high-sec and the resulting decrease in lowsec / null sec outings this will also lead to many players such as ourselves finding so little content around us that we will log in less and less and less. I know this is a temporary event…but considering the obvious amount of talented work that went into this mechanic and the fact that it clearly states you are considering it’s future role…we are all but certain that unless concerns are voiced by a majority this will become a permanent fixture eventually as that is what many large, old MMO’s such as W.O.W. have done with dungeon ques / instancing. Eve in not WoW. Eve is unique and offers real, human experiences; making us all become brave wanderers in the vast ocean of stars. Without that I don’t know if things will ever feel like home again.

Respectfully yours,


I can’t wait for this. I’m a filthy casual who wants to PvP but hates the idea of spending half an hour forming a group then multiple hours awkwardly jumping around looking for fights that might never happen. I really appreciate that side of the game and that this will have a detrimental effect but this could also be the shake that it needs! Maybe we’ll see more real fights between alliances as the scrappy little fights die out.


Triglavians are not friendly or unfriendly to us. They are in a constant semi-state of yes, no, and maybe. The triglavians came here to see if any of us are competent enough to join them to help fight off the drifter threat. The triglavians came from the same place we all did…earth. Their language and culture strongly indicates they are descendants from Slavic regions of earth. Support the triglavian invasion! 4 empires become 5.

So now Triglavians convicted Capsuleers to perform bloody gladiators fights for some leftovers from their warehouses? I wonder if Triglavians families gather in front on their Holotriangle TV’s, holding in their three-fingers hands buckets of tri-popcorn and watch that entertaining show for laughter and pleasure.

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“Are you not entertained?”…

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Sorry, but that’s how it works. Even if I had the data, I couldn’t share it with you. Torvald, however, can tell you all the folks who have asked him directly for it.

so you have no data but saying all over this forums that a “lot” of people want it? and its for everyone?

There seems to be a decent amount of people at least on this thread that seem a bit worried about this… and trust me its only limited time for now. If decent amount of people do like it its gonna be come perm and we’ll just be queueing up at Jita for arena style game play.

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these group arenas are actually a gigantic improvement to the PvEvP mess we had with abyssals before - they are suddenly much more interesting to all PvPers

All these complaints are the very same we had with the introduction of abyssals aswell - CCP was able to quiet them down by making it possible to camp the trace (and the initial suspect timers for the higher ones - whatever happened to that)

what a controversial topic, even as part of the ideal target audience I have very mixed feelings - a ESS rework would have done soo much more for the game enviroment…

I guess camping the trace will also be possible with these?

I don’t have any data I can share with you, no. I already told you that.

There are some people on here who are making the same arguments they made two years ago when the first instanced PvP was brought into the game, yes. But for all the other reasons we’ve talked about, I think the chances of these filaments somehow replacing every other form of small gang PvP in the game is pretty low.

Hey mike actually Tipa Riot explained very fine … i will try to explain to you with one example… in the past i did a kind of similair amateur job in the past, more like nut job …

2-3 years ago… RvB …when we begin to have seriousl issues to find fights in high sec… I have mentioned to Management that RvB fights tipped over to low sec… whenever we attempt to fleet up for high sec gangs… some officers gater the people we fleeted and pull them to low sec for roams… As a result high sec Red Fed and Blue Rep home systems along with buffer systems were mostly empty…
When i mentioned tha they told me im delusional…

but they had been already late to claim that delution because … i had Design a research and applied and i had been ready to answer with numbers and statistics to support my claim …

i had go over RvB activity on z killboard and choose 3 different months from 3 different years … over 6 years activity data… when i choosing the months i have been carefull about they will be the same ones and doesnt hit for example holiday periods in north hemisphere… I had also considered actively joining PVP pilots numbers increase / decrease rates in this longitudinal scan … ( yes i did sit and counted the activity one by one… ten thousands of them… then i had also compared the kills numbers in high sec /low sec /null sec /wh and proportioned the activity with active player number fluctations …

As a results i had clean view about in fact RVB had been active in high sec once upon a time if like %80 kills high sec %20 all other security areas… 3 years ago… and RvB over years shifted this to %90 kills low sec /null sec/WH and only %10 percent of fights happens in RvB space…

After that days … they dont mind to operate their agenda openly… they have drop citadels to WH invested RvB isk to those projects…havent listen and lost all the veterans who is in love with the mutual war concept and respect… dropped staging to Low sec areas and up with Joining Faction Warfare and throw nearly a decade legacy into trash box …

Numbers doesn’t tell lie Mike … if you design a good research ensures you to obtain most realistic information about the view … Talk to CCP Ghost Please he is an analyst and he knows how to design

We are already suffering in low sec and nearly all low sec …FW comrades here and PvP ers are mentioned here that we are already having hard times to find some fights … roaming for hours…

some others already mentioned that they dont want to roam for hours and this is nice oportunity for insta PVP… but then again like

when you evaluating this kind of things you need to also consider one reality… this can be look like throw some papers into fire and it suddenly create glorious blitzes… but if collapses also very fast too…I didnt mean people will loose interest… even other way around if people really interest… this will have permanent impact on naural sandbox style hunting in new eden

this is not a good way to learn PVP this is not even very good way of competetive playstyle… which we are very familiar about REAL competetive fight standarts which cause creative and knowledge understanding and skill dependent fight/result opportunities …

Pilots who is thriving in that natural enviroment … and love more naturaly occured fights and hunting… they will suffer in different degrees…

We can see that… we are living in it… and we are ALL mentioning here that … ITs already not easy to find fights this will effect the activity alot too… people will login in days this event running… if they dont want to join and choose to roam… and when they cant find so much because fight possibities occupied by premade and prelined things… they will logg off…
watch how the activity changed… and watch what happens in low sec when this launched… do we find more fights ??? less fights occur in low sec?? comparing the days before the launch … also compare and see how the activity drowned over years …

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I said what I said because of how many people feel that they need to make loads of salt about a good update, but on the update itself, I like it because of the ability to do it with friends and the set ship classes I really think it is an improvement on the old pvp conduits, but think the old ones should stay the same and this be a new thing entirely different.

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If it makes you feel any better that’s what it says in english too…no? Me either…come on CCP its been years sort this crap out… and I know this isn’t the thread for this but it’s not like you did anything about it when it was posted in other threads so…meh.

Nope, unless you like suicide ganking. Abyssal deadspace activities are totally safe from intervention if you are not running bling fit in Jita.

But this is not the point of the discussion. Arena PvP does not fit in an otherwise sandbox PvP game.


Good riddance, for real! I can recommend you a list of people to take with you, @Nicolai_Serkanner first on that list, please!!

Let’s not fool ourselves.
This will have an impact on the open-world, on the unconsensual, assymetric PvP. However I think this is a price worth paying because now there is a clear alternative to having to jump dozens of gates for hours to find a 5-mins fight. The population that those two activities attract are close so an afllux in one direction will have an effect on the other activity.

But the way open-world PvP is right now, relegated to a simple time-waster to harvest short-term salt and with nothing meaningful on the line, it deserves to be obsoleted and for better options to compete against it, and the Proving Grounds are exactly what can compete with it.

Also, CCP now has a clear benchmark to measure ‘how popular is open-world PvP?’, If more people are sticking to the Proving Grounds that means open-world PvP is not attractive enough and thus needs more ways to be more rewarding/meaningful etc…

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