Pulstar - NullSec corp wants YOU

Welcome to Pulstar.

Are you bored of the repetitive nature of High Security space? Frustrated with the lack of isk and opportunities to make it? In need of a change from a NullSec alliance? Want to join a small, more closely-knit family corp? Then YOU need to read on because we want YOU.

We are a null sec corporation and proud members of RAZOR alliance. Formed less than 12 months ago, we have forged our own history in this short space of time, including time spent in high sec, wormhole and now null security space. We have had our victories and suffered our defeats. But we fought them together. We have built together, mined together, battled together and laughed together.

We are predominantly EUTZ, however, we do have USTZ members and would welcome anyone from any TZ.

We can offer:

  • PVP - Small gang and alliance fleets daily.
  • PVE - Fantastic isk making opportunities.
  • Mining - Regular boosted fleets with some of the best ORE and ICE around.
  • Indy - Access to excellent industry facilities.
  • Corp ORE and ICE buyback program.
  • Alliance SRP program.
  • Very reasonably priced shipping services.
  • Discord and TS3 comms.

What we are looking for:

  • Active players
  • People interested in Null Sec living.
  • Willing to take part in alliance ops.
  • Players wanting to be part of a family, not just a large corporate machine.
  • Alts accepted alongside main characters only.
  • Players with a voice. Get involved. Have your say.
  • Zero minimum sp requirements.
  • Willing to help us grow as a corp and achieve our short and long term goals.

Want to be a part of a family that works together to achieve its goals? Want to earn big isk? Want to have a laugh while playing this awesome game we all love. Join us today by calling in at our in-game recruitment channel: Pulstar Recruitment. Alternatively, contact Orion Cassini in-game or message for Discord link.

Thanks for reading.

Recruitment still open.

lots of stuff you can do here, join up :slight_smile:

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Recruitment is ongoing. Sign up today :smiley:

Recruitment still open

Still recruiting

Recruitment open. We want YOU!